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The following pigeon breeders directory is designed to help breeders in the United States to find other breeders and their breeds. Please note that this is not a classified section, and the breeders may or may not have pigeons for sale. If you like your information to be listed here, please fill out the breeder Form. If you like to update your information, please do not submit again, simply email me the new information.
Thank you for signing your information.


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105  Breeders Found

Breeder City State Phone Breed Web Mail
Abbas Abbie Huntington NY 631-278-1081 Iranian High Flyers  
Abdul Karim Farooqi Buffalo NY 716-381-9432 Lovett Tippler  
Alican Dagdeviren Levittown NY 516-528-8821 Turkish Tumbler  
Allen Gage South Dayton NY 716-988-3423 Birmingham Rollers, Archangels, American Fantails, Homers
Angelino Aponte Corning NY 607-346-0477 White Delbar/Kuhn X disney Homers- Danish tipplers- German Bronze tipplers-bald head rollers Birmingham.  
Anton Fountain Brooklyn NY 347-556-6956 Cumulets, Yelow white bar tiplers,Yelow tiplers caps  
Arnez Guido wallkill NY 845-566-9866 Texan Pioner  
Augie Pagano Carmel NY 845-519-3094 Budapest High Flyers & Tipplers  
Bill Sheridan Pleasant Valley NY 845-625-7269 Indian Fantails  
Billy Morgan Poughkeepsie NY 914-204-6240 Rollers, White Homers  
Carlos Rodriguez Hogansburg NY 518-651-1857 Tipplers  
Cetin Alkan Port Washington NY 516-784-7679 Turkish Tumblers (taklaci)  
Charlie Ruotolo Dix Hills NY 631-586-7749 Old German Owls, Baldheads, Flights  
Chris Lemke Springville NY 716-592-3008 Birmingham Rollers (Turner Blood line)  
Chris Reyes Rockland NY 646-302-1135 Tipplers, Cumulets, Helmets, Show Flights, Lace Rollers, Flying Baldies  
Curtis Gervais middletown NY White Homers  
Curtis Williams Hyde Park NY 347-576-8256 Polish long face tumbler, Damascene, Galician Highflier  
Dan Capp Fishkill NY Yellow Tipplers, White Homers, White Flying Flights, NY Flying Baldys  
Daniel Omidi Huntington NY Iranian High Flyers  
Darren Godette Fort Ann NY Damascenes, White Homers, Red Ribbontail Rollers, Flying Catalonian Tumblers, Friar Cap Catalonian Tumblers, Husband Oriental Rollers, Lebanons.
Dave Zavluno New York NY 917-880-7184 Uzbekistan Tumblers  
David Nelson Penn Yan NY 315-536-7038 Indian Fantails, M. F. Viennas, Figuritas  
Derrick Whitehead Queens NY 347-613-9101 Danish tipplers red, yellows blacks, duns  
Dion Miller Lindenhurst NY 631-943-8475 WOE & GBH  
Dmitriy Marchenko Brooklyn NY 347-806-1742 Uzbek Tumblers  
Dom Sciame Seaford NY Performing Rollers, Oriental Rollers, Turkish Tumblers  
Dorian price Rosedale NY 718-600-6319 Flying Oriental Roller, Tipplers, Birmingham Roller  
Doug Smith Bainbridge NY Oriental frills Moderns and Classics and Tipplers  
Eddie Alvarez Brooklyn NY Piegons  
Frank Foxworth Afton NY 631-813-3083 Looking for Russian highfliers, rollers and texan pioneers  
Frank Oringer Coxsackie NY 518-821-3067 Valencian Figurita  
Frankie D’Alessandro Manorville NY Flying Rollers, Scandaroons, Romanian Naked-Necks  
Gary Bossong Mastic Beach NY 631-729-3304 Sion/HVR Janssen/Ganus & Imports
George Khodzhayev Forest hills NY 516-476-6322 Uzbek short face  
Gerald W Ford Sr Westtown NY 845-683-1263 Danes,Flying Flights, Homers and other varieties  
Gerald La Clair Wayland NY 585-728-9037 Racing Homers, Flights, Birmingham Rollers  
Gerald Laclair Wayland NY 585-728-9037 Syrian Homers  
Glen Berkman Staten Island NY 917-807-3826 Homers  
Glen Berkman Staten Island NY 917-209-7557 Homers & Flights  
Greg Michaelov Staten Island NY 718-594-3965 Iranian High Flyers, Armenian High Flyers, Baku High Flyers  
Gregory Michael Staten island NY 718-594-3965 Baku Highflyers  
Gregory Michaelov Staten Island NY 718-594-3965 Iranian high-flyers  
Grigor Kosta Staten Island NY 646-377-4059 Serbian Highflyers, Gaby Vandenabeele, Stefaan Lambrechts, Chris Hebberecht homers  
Harold Samuels Brookhaven NY 631-286-2285 Racing Pigeons, Houbens speed birds  
James Cunningham Horseheads NY 607-215-0856 asr, ogo's, racing homers  
Jamie Richardson Dundee NY 607-243-3727 Egiptian swift and Racing Pigeons  
Joe Gozdziak Buffalo NY 716-472-1277 German Beauty & Homing Pigeons  
Joe Polidoro Medford NY 631-445-2274 Dutch Whiteside Highfliers , Racing Homers, Radar Pouters
Joe Polidoro Bayshore NY Racing Homers
Joey Cee Albany NY 518-209-9860 Demascene, Lace, Ny Flying Flights, Tiplets  
John Bower Hamlin NY 585-964-9213 Pomeranian Pouters, American Show Racers, Fantails, Dragoons, Chinese Owls, Brunner Pouters, Capuchines, English Magpies (yellow only).  
John Friedel Hicksville NY Archangels, Shortface Budapest Tumblers  
John Y Meral Stony Brook NY 516-849-0999 Turkish Tumblers
Joseph Nieves Brooklyn NY 646-258-3420 Tipplers, and Black Danish Tumbers  
Joseph Ognibene Brooklyn NY 718-259-5400 American Show Racers in all colors - Racing Homers in Whites and Splashes  
Kadir Demirci Islip NY 631-805-2823 Doneks, Adana Dewlaps  
Kevin Ryan Staten Island NY 917-817-6691 Lucernes in barrless and barred. Gold collar. Creme checker and creme bar. And Yellow Shields. All from imported stock  
Kim Linck Pine Plains NY 914-204-2432 White Thailand Laugher pigeons, Old Dutch Capuchines  
Kouying loo Queens NY 646-651-7765 English tipplers / Pakistani high fliers/ Budapest high fliers  
Kyle Krawczyk Wilson NY 716-359-8892 Polish Lynx ,Danzigs,  
Larry Losee Preston Hollow NY Racing Homers ( Sion and Bastins ) Classic Old Frills Blondinettes  
Larry Sands Hillsdale NY All  
Mark Coppola Oswego NY 315-729-7546 Homers  
Marty Coppersmith Chestertown NY 518-494-7936 Competition Tipplers, New York Flying Flights, Colored Homers, Satinettes  
Mian-Umar Hayat Bellport NY Pakistani Highflyer Tipplers
Michael Bilis New York City NY 646-241-7509 Tippler cap's  
Michael James Bilis NYC NY 347-967-7347 Show flights & rollers  
Mike DeMartino New York NY 914-447-0427 Issibella. Flights and NY Flights  
Mike LaRose Albany NY 518-852-9053 Racing Homers, colors, pure whites  
Nick Ogrosso Staten Island NY 718-979-6839 Old German Owls, Homers and Tipplets    
Nick Stads Long Island NY Roller Pigeons & Serama
Nick Wood Marlboro NY Portuguese Tumblers and Lahores  
Norberto Delgado Brooklyn NY 917-597-7809 Hollenders / rollers/ whiteside / Canadians /flights / button head white bars/ budapest  
Patrick Walsh Walton NY 607-242-4753 White Homer's  
Pedro Andre Tavarez Brooklyn NY 646-239-1484 Solid color Performing Rollers, Portuguese Tumblers  
Pete Monti Fishkill NY 845-896-3763 Show bronze tipplers, Komorner Tumblers, Nuns, South German Shields, Portuguese Tumblers  
Peter DeSantis Nassau NY 516-647-7378 Yellow N Red cap White Side Tipplers  
Peter Walon Queens NY 917-484-3321 Short Face Budapest  
Raul Troy NY 518-203-8679 Master Breeder: Medium Face Crested Helmets...NYC Flying Flights  
Ray Castor Adams Center NY 315-222-4566 Janssen, Sion, Hannsen  
Ray W. Castor Adams Center NY 315-523-4779 Sion, Janssen and Hofken  
Redjeb Bekir Brooklyn NY 917-770-4661 Rollers  
Rene Asencio LaGrangeville NY 845-223-5694 Competition Tipplers and Rollers  
Rich Bailin Commack NY New York Flying Flights
Sal Piccinini West Islip NY New York Flying Flights  
Sal Santora Staten Island NY 718-979-4261 Tipplers, NY BaldHeads, Rollers, Flights
Salvatore Piccinini West Islip NY 516-672-8122 New York Flying Flights  
Semih Tale Staten Island NY Turkish Tumbler  
Seref Akyol Long Island NY 631-408-6340 Pakistani High Flyers, Corum Ciplak Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers  
Shah Nadeem Centereach NY 631-880-2538 Pakistani High Flyers  
Shahid Bhatti Sidney NY 518-209-9853 White Homing Pigeons  
Shokri Enbawe Albany NY Racing Homers  
Stephen Bishop Bay Shore NY Racing Homers
Suleyman Altintas Long Island NY 631-225-6666 Turkish Tumblers
Sunny Singh Hempstead NY 718-749-1875 High Flyers  
Temel Tahmaz Lindenhurst / Staten Island NY Turkish Tumblers  
Thomas Keating Hopewell NY 845-489-3140 Nuns  
Tom Staten Island NY 718-344-6944 Pure White Racing Homers – Bred from Mortveths, Sions and Jannsens  
Tom DeMartino Shirley NY 631-399-5555 Staf Van Reet Racing Pigeons
Tom Metallo Amsterdam NY 518-842-5263 Classic Old Frill, West of England, Pigmy Pouters  
Tony Fasano Staten Island NY 917-685-5443 Budapest High Flyers  
Umar Hayat Bellport NY 631-885-4040 Pakistani Tipplers  
Walter Hayes Newburgh NY 845-926-7076 Budapest (Poltli) High Flyers (Red and Blue grizzle neck's)  
Yousuf Khan Brooklyn NY 347-605-3626 Afghan Shirazi, Pakistani Gola, Jogi, Patain, Murghabi etc.  
Youzdjan Bekir Brooklyn NY Turkish Tipler  


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