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Ahmed Kamel

Really great and useful site


Deborah Truman

Hello, all.. I’m looking to add to bloodline with new genetics, search for Texas pioneer, strasser and runts.. modains would be good.. thanks … I also want to say I appreciate this site, it’s wonderful to have this catalog!11


Elliott Norwood

I find your web site to be very informative and useful in my every day pigeon dealings. I have raised Birmingham Rollers for the last 60 years and am always seeking answers to my observations. Your publications go a long way toward simplifying my questions.


José António Corujo dos Reis

Glad to sign


Bryce Hardin

Great website!


Eric L Werner

Great site, especially when looking for breeder info!


Amr Mahmoud

great work BRAVO


Brian J. Mader/MADER LOFTS

Great site to connect people to different pigeon breeders, keep up the good work👍


Bill Best

i have raised pigeons all my life until a few years ago. rollers, mainly, i just love show rollers, but cant seem to find any. i have limited space now and am 76 years young. love your website would love to chat anytime.


Christina A Phillips

Hello I found your site very informative. Unfortunately I still can't figure out what color my pigeon is even with that mountain full of information. Maybe it was too much for me lol It's my first pigeon and it's a rescue but I'm dying to know what he is... if you could give me an email or somewhere I can send you a picture and let me know I would greatly appreciate the 5 minutes of your time. Keep up the good work adaboo1313@yahoo.com


Kevin Mak

Very informative thanks and much appreciated.


Lorna & John Smith

Hi. We have raised Pigeons in the past & love them. We want them as pets, just to enjoy, would like to find a breeder nearby. Rollers are our favorite but they must be good and heathy. We live in Rancho Tehema, Looking for a few to complete our little family. Not for setting , not for competition just pets . Can’t spend a lot need about 12 younger ones I think. Females mostly if possible.
Lorna Smith


Raashid Wani

Excellent work. Keep it up


Donald L. Aldrich Jr.

Love your website. I am promoting this link on my website. Great source for those who are wanting or interested in various types of pigeons. Great directory source. Keep it strong. Thanks for promoting. DonA from Michigan


Mark Gladney

Really enjoy your website. Have read many articles here. Am learning a lot. Have learned about varieties of pigeons I had not heard of before.


David E Scarboro

I love your website! I grew up in Miami and always had show pigeons and rollers. Evidently the Florida State Pigeon Fanciers Association is not around anymore, I live in Dahlonega Georgia and there are no pigeon people around me that I am aware of. I am in the process of building a loft and intending to get back into performing rollers. Again, thanks for the site. I will use it regularly.


Mark Mr. Pigeon

I have been using this website for some years and really do enjoy reading all of these articles thank you very much also I would like to have some turners the rollers that spin as Now I do have rollers but these are locals and not much spinning I have had these over eight years and I have had racers here since 1993 of 55 years with racers #703


Carl De Koninck

Hi! My daughter and I have New Your Flights and raise them as a hobby in Lansing. Unfortunately or breeding stock is thin and we are hoping to connect with someone who might be able to direct us to a breeder with a NYF or 2 that we can purchase or trade for. PLEASE contact us if you can help!


Doreen K Lampe

Hello, I've been in pigeons for about 4 years. I've been learning a lot from articles, youtube, my club, and pigeon friends over the net. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more


Tamer UCA

Arif bey teşekkür ederim çok faydalı bir site olmuş hayran kaldım ve bütün hobidaşlarıma selamlar, güvercin genetiği ile ilgili araştırmalar yaparken kendimi sitenizde buldum ve en kapsamlı makaleye eriştim sayenizde saatler geçti siteden ayrılmadan çok merak ettim kim düzenlemiş hangi ülkeye ait diyerek türk olduğunuzu öğrenmek ayrı bir şaşkınlık ve sevinç oldu benim için hayatınızın her alanında başarılar diliyorum.


Pat Cooper

Huysken Van Riel


Trevor Lawrence

Great reading, all new people wanting to take up pigeon fancieing should go over these articles.


Hans Petter Roverud

As a genetic challenge it may seem that variations from T-Pattern to checkered are sort of seamless. I see birds that are very lightly checkered to almost black (spread) with a blue tail and it may seem as a continuum. Granted, some light checks may be dirty blue bars. Further, some poor blacks (spread) show the underlying pattern (check or barred. If several mutations are at work here it would be a good idea to try to keep them apart genetically.


Aaron Jones

Thank you for your website and passionately sharing you hobby with me and others. I hope to build a loft soon. I am still in the researching phase. I do not know anyone who keeps pigeons but am looking forward to doing so! I love what I am learning about Pigeons! They are beautiful, fascinating, varied, and fun!


Mark Jordan

I really enjoyed reading all the information you have collected concerning pigeons it has been very helpful and interesting.


Gary Miller

I started raising pigeons in 1973 in North Newark, NJ when I was a teenager. The first time I saw fancies was when I stumbled upon a huge flock of birds about a block away from my father's house.

There was a guy named Tony; he was Puerto Rican. He must have had at least 500 birds that came from a small coop, in a small yard, under a large tree, on the side of a busy street.

Tony would fly the birds by clapping his hands, waving a flag, and throwing things in the air to spook the birds. He would also whistle with what I thought was a strange sound. "Vvvvvvvveeeezzzzz, Vvvvvvvveeeezzzzz" kind of a raspy sound which we as kids thought was cool.

We would come to see Tonys birds every day. He had mostly fancies. One day Tony asked me if I wanted to fly birds like him; I said yes, and the rest is history! Hooked!!

My love for birds prompted me to build a website dedicated to pigeons and pigeon flyers.

My site is for the use of pigeon fanciers around the world. I want this to be a place to show off your lofts, make new connections, and to share your knowledge and stories of raising pigeons.



Melissa sauer

Awsome site, enjoy the easy yo understand well put together information a beginner like myself can understand and use for reference and to answer all those nagging questions and curiosities. Really getting into genetics. But there are still some questions I just cant find answers for. I have albino pigeons with solid red ruby eyes , bulleyed red, pupil, iris all remain ruby red. Cant find any photos or info on that. Is this common? Also have an extreme dilute female and a male 1/2 extreme dilute,1/2 red, how am i getting extreme dilute babies and black babies? Male and female? Goes against everything I’ve read.


Ebrahim khaleel

Fantastic writings sir!! Hats off to you


vehbi dönmez

arif bey palaştığınız bilgiler harika bu bilgileri bir güvercin severin sayfasından edinmekse daha güzel. Emeğiniz için teşekkürler. çocukken beslediğim güvercinlerden işim dolayısıyla uzunca bisüre uzakkaldım,şimdi 50 yaşında 35 sene sonra tekrar başlıyorum .her güvercin güzel ama herkesin bir branşı var.ben ise şimdi afkan güvercinlerindeki desenlere,bir kanadı başka diğer kanadı başka renklere,3 veya 4 karışık renklere kümesimdeki her gücercinin ayrı bir karakteri olmasını seviyrum ama nasıl elde edeceğimi bilmiyorum.bu konuda yardımcı olurmusunuz .nasıl başarabilirim?


Tim Pittenger

I just found your site and its awesome! I will be in contact with some of the breeders in Mi


Jonathan H. Saunders

Thank you for the information, it is super helpful and answered many questions I puzzled over.


Keith Batten

Great site!! Has lots of info I had been looking for and couldn’t find anywhere..thank you! We are so lucky to have people like you in pigeons.


Fritz Kunitz

Very informative site, thanks Arif!


Bill McElroy

Enjoyed your site imensly


Dr. Ahmed Kotb



Tim Dyer

Hello, new to the pigeon world (have had parrots and conures so not so new to birds) and am interested in Vieshian pigeons. Would love to see some in person. If anyone has them I would like to communicate and find out more about them. Thank You



David F. Hayden

Exellent content on your site. Have enjoyed it. Still working my way through the genetics material, but it was what I was looking for.


Larry Miller

Very helpful thank you.


peter koski



Ned chur

I have been keeping pigeons for over 40 years ,I have had my birds taken from cats, rats stoats falcons but the sheer speed from the sparrow hawk absolutely amazed me every time one of my birds end up as hawk meat, the way I see it I will never give up my birds no matter how many are to slow to avoid danger, respect the hawks and falcons these are mother nature true hunter a great site. if the pigeon men who dont like them, dont keep pigeons.


Wes Bright

Love this site. I have been looking for Budapest highflyers for a while. I live in ohio but am willing to travel or have them shipped. Willing to purchase 4 pairs. Thanks


Ali Imran Zaidi

I am a urological surgeon from Pakistan who has taken up to keeping pigeons as hobby. At the moment I have started with fantails. This is the best comprehensive website providing all the information a beginner needs. Thank you.


Keith Mitchell

Had the pleasure of meeting you this weekend. Thank you so much for the hard work and expense you've invested in providing this valuable information. God Bless. You have my contact info call me anytime.


Timothy P

I live in the Dallas, Texas area and am looking to adopt a Rock Pigeon. Preferably female, and between 8 mos - 1 yr old. If anyone knows somebody who may have one for adoption please let me know. Thank you, Tim.


Gegham N

Just moved to California. Originally from Russia. Looking for Uzbek or Russian pigeons breeders. Will be very appreciated for any information. Thank you and God bless you.


John Dexter

I breed Australian Performing Tumblers in Queensland Australia. I like your genetics articles as I am very interested in new colour introduction to my APT's. Have got Opals and Baldies, which are not common here, as well as the "standard colours.
Are there others in the USA that breed APT's?


Tony Cruz

I've Been Checking out this website for a while. I'm finally get back into my childhood & young adult Passion. Just starting to try and buy some white Homers and some high flyers. hopefully get them at a low price. I'm 66 and on a fixed income. I'd appreciate if maybe someone had a abundance of birds could give them up at a affordable price. Thanks for all the great info


James Snyder

Thank you for the great article full of information about my favorite pigeon, the Birmingham Roller. Please contact me if you have the time, as I am looking to relive my childhood love of Birmingham Rollers and obtain them again.


Aftab Jamal

I am a Turkish tumbler fan love the color and grace of those pigeons Thanks for all the info God bless you


Juan Espinosa Martinez

Enhorabuena, por este magnífico trabajo. Siempre hay algo que aprender.


Terry Baker

By far the best pigeon website on the net I often come back to it when I find the time to have a good read.


Jeff Hansen

Superb website, extremely informative information, articles, etc. Looking to getting back into breeding/raising/showing "Show Rollers" again and any information from all of you out there would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone with good quality breeding stock feel free to get in touch with me. jeffert176@gmail.com Thanks, Jeff.


James S

I want to thank you for your very informative articles. I have learned so much more from you than I have from the four books that I purchased. I just hope I can purchase some young rollers or tumblers for a fair cost. My only question now is what is the difference between a tumbler, roller and a tippler. If you can please let me know. Thanks again... Jim


Francisco Sánchez Medina

Enhorabuena desde España por tan educativa web. he sido un aficionado a la palomas en general. Ahora con mas tiempo entro mas de lleno criando Buchones Gaditanos


Little Beaks Loft

Great info!It will take some reading & re-reading to absorb it all, I think the first time a lot of it went over my head, as there is SO much info to digest... Thanks for making this available.


Milind Parab

Greetings from India. I am a pigeon fancier from India and I have been following your website since a very long time to study pigeon genetics. I salute the work carried out by you in this field.

The pigeon fanciers in India lack proper knowledge about Pigeon Genetics as there is very less information available in Hindi/Urdu language (Local languages in India). I am planning to upload Youtube videos in the local language to create awareness on pigeon genetics. I will be obligated if you allow me to share the photos on your website as a reference to explain the pigeon genetics.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Mir-Aziz Baihadjaev

Great Page, Lots of useful information. Thank you for your work!

I am looking to breed Modena's. Please let me know if you or someone you know have good ones for sale, for descent price.

929 444 0877


Jamal Ghaib

I used to have many types of pigeon back in Baghdad-Iraq, I've moved to PNW state of Washington, Seattle since 23 years ago, left my birds with my older bro he loves them like crazy and he became a professional breeder, I was so overwhelmed to find your website and knowing that all of the guests are very much like my hobby. I have already sent your link to him and we are so proud of such healthy and friendly environment.

Thank you for your kindness.


Michael Gunroses

Thank you for your writing on pigeon genetics, it helping me understood the pigeon genetic to breed champion breed. I race HF in Indonesia. The competition held every Sunday. May God bless you.


James Brantley

About twenty years ago, I became unable to care for pigeons any longer, due to an illness in my family. I had Racing Homers and Birmingham Rollers at the time. I’m interested in pigeons once again. I ran across your site while searching for English Carriers. I have been reading on your site for at least three hours. I have enjoyed the info. The Iranian HF are very interesting. Thanks, for having such a great site.


Hithame Halawa

Thank you very much for this excellent information. I have a research solution in the science of pigeons I have some conclusions I want to talk with you and agree somewhat with your face ..


Bob Broyles

My teen years were spent flying Birmingham and Pensom Rollers and a few Racing Homers. These fond memories have led to my loft of racers that I have had for a decade or so.


Dee Stamps

I raced decades ago. Just mailed for AU membership. Am I a newbie again? Can't find birds. Need help in Butte County, CA.


Ernie McGuire

I have had Birmingham Rollers for about 6 years and now just starting to try and study genetics of the birds. I have been keeping pedigrees. I wish to buy some James Turner birds from him personally.


Chuck Bruce

I'm an old guy that has raised pigeons as a kid. I recently built a small coop and got a few birds (rollers). I ran across your site and very glad that I did. I'll be reading and referring for a long time.......thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Francisco Salcedo

I am interested in purchasing Turkish Tumblers to add to my existing stock of Birmingham Rollers and West of England Tumblers. Hope to chat with you soon.


Fred quinones

We have a pigeon club in Orlando for more information get on http://www.floridapigeonclub.com/ We also have a show Swapmeet on April 28. For more information call Fred 321-663-4312


Michal Prochazka

Hi, I used to breed pigeons and other bird species, and am considering to get back to my hobby. I was wondering if anybody knows breeder(s) of Lemon Racing Pigeons (I think another name is Extreme Dilute)? Also, are pigeons with white bars always carriers of the dominant Opal? Thank you! - Michal


Steve Steger

Interested in raising pigeons again. Would prefer any type of rollers or tumblers, High flyers to breed and fly.


Seraphim Jobbins

Thanks for your awesome website. I am hoping to keep pigeons in the future and this site helps me learn and keeps my interest piqued until I can actually get pigeons. Well done.


Lancelot Halliday

Hi i just came across your site and was wondering if you could help me. You see I am retired and live in Thailand and I love pigeons but I just cant find high flying pigeons here in Thailand. Does anyone know how I can find some good birds here or how to import from India or Pakistan into Thailand. I wait in anticipation for some good and favourable tips thanking you in advance.


Jamie Imbery

Nice site thanks for keeping up a reliable site.


Corinna krueger

I am desperately looking for a home for 12 fantail pigeons! Found them abandoned and didnt want to leave them to die. Please email carolinek281@yahoo.com if you want to give these birds are proper home!


John Kleis

Jut discovered this page. Living in eastern NC. Always like to know if anyone has Macclessfield tippers for sale.


Bob Banks

I signed this book quite awhile ago. still interested in hearing from frillback breeders. very much interested in them. thanks bob banks


Wendy Pope

Thanks for sharing clear and helpful information.


Gerald Prideaux

Looking to buy white homing pairs for starting a loft.


Sunil Kumar

Mumtaztic Loft you are fantastic. You are doing a great job. I wanted to keep pigeons since i was a child and hopefully i am going to begin now with the knowledge i got from you. Thank you very much.


David Putvin

Thank you for sharing your article on pigeon genetics


Luke Galardi

Hello, I am enjoying your site. I just started with Turkish Tumblers and Birmingham Rollers. Interested to understand what training goes into each breed. Thanks for your excellent resources here.

Luke Galardi, Omaha, NE


Mehedintu Georgel Valentin

Hello, I'm from Romania I read and learned the article about pigeon genetics, a very good article for beginners like me. And I'm raising Birmingham Rollers and Turkish Tumblers.


Brent Harrington

I find your site very nice with a lot of helpful information.Thanks


Miss Wyman

This is the most comprehensive list of Pigeon hobbyists in one place I've ever seen!I have kept performing breeds since 2000 and have been out-of-touch in recent time for about 8 years now. I went searching for a olde' flying breed, (Catalonian Tumbler) that I'd like to renew & couldn't believe I am one of few who has them anymore!

This is such a Great source to keep this hobby going for years to come!! Will give this site out at my next upcoming show!


Robert Mims

I love pigeons, especially fantails and jacobins.


Michael Eccleston

First class information thank you.


Nigel Winn

I live in the uk and have had many years keeping breeding flying pigeons from racing pigeons to tipplers and rollers. I have been watching james turner birds on youtube I think I would like some of his birds sent to the uk for me to try, if anyone has james turner's email address please pass it on felltopracin@gmail.com


jalal ali beiki

Hi thanks a lot. I learn very very much


Goitsemodimo Eric

Good book


Muhammad Ibrahim

Looking for some great Yellow caps Tipplers. Looking for foundation Tipplers. I'm from California.


Diego Arranz Repiso

Muchas gracias por compartir ésta información. Yo soy de un pueblo de Valladolid en España. Me encanta la genética de color en las palomas y lo aplico en mis palomas mensajeras,y en una raza Española llamada Ojo de Fresa o Ull de Maduisa. Si algúna vez vienes a España me gustaría conocerte. Un saludo.


Paul Gomez

I am very happy that I found your site. Actually I was familiar with the name, but I am a roller man who has not been interested much in color genetics. I have already begun to find explanations of things that I would ordinarily ignore. Great site!! I have forwarded this site to a friend.


Eric Crawford

Thank you for making such an excellent and informative website.
Wonderful birds.


Bryan Beach

We found pigeon #160 on June 29, 2017. The band is green and has James Turner Greenwood, SC on it. 2012. Pigeon appears to be healthy.


David Putvin

Great website! Tons of good information. I have always have loved pigeons and birds in general thanks to my grandma. So thanks for your time, effort and willingness to pass on good information to all of us who enjoy our birds.


Fethi Halepliler

Genetik bölümler çok iyi olmuş, emeklerinize sağlık...
Ben dalıcı ırk olan adana ve baska besliyorum..
İyi günler...
I hope you speak turkish...


Vijay Kumar V

Hi,I'm from Bangalore and a tumbler pigeon fancier, there is a lot of information about pigeons here, you really are a expert. Here in karnataka racing season is going now. We are enjoying after a 2 month training session, we have a record of 13 hrs 13 mins tumbler pigeon flight here.


Joey Corcino

Looking for Birmingham Rollers


Dallas Kidd


I am in California, and I am trying to locate a pair or 2 of West England Bald heads to buy. I do not want bald head rollers, I want baldies with a reasonable clean head marking of any color.

Any contacts would be appreciated, please feel free to pass on my e-mail.



Eugene Mc Master

Hi, firstly you have a great web page. As you I'm a great fan of James Turner. When can we expect the next chapter of your book? Here in South Africa we have lots of Roller breeders, but none breed for color. They just try to improve the spin in the Rollers to win competitions.


Sammy Osman

New to the hobby,
Interested in breeding Turkish Tumblers ,Iranian High Flyers, and Birm. Rollers. I live in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
Thanks Sammy


Autumn P

Was learning about webbed toes. Interesting!


Joel Bukoski

Looking to purchase Utility Kings, Texas Pioneers and Fantails. Any help with a breeder willing to ship to Hawaii would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Susan Duncan

Looking for a couple of fantail or fancy pigeons? Just for pets.


Diane Tigue

interested in Turkish tumblers


Bill Ruble

Just found this. Looking for white utility kings. I am in Iowa. Also german beauty.


Santo Pagano

I am looking for some turkish tumblers that perform that will match my budget.


Abdul Rauf

Found it interesting and gained knowledge about pigeon breeding.


Tye Southard

thanks for making this website it is really helpfull.


amirreza pakroo

Thanks for this great website and sharing lots of good info with other fanciers. I'm originally from Iran and living in New Zealand.


Everett Penn Sr .

Looks like a great site thanks.


Frank Bobick

Looking for Wuta(Voute) for sale. Any info is greatly appreciated!


John L. Freeman

I Have rollers I just got and am looking for info. Some are Ween birds and palamars. I am probably not spelling the names right but the birds are great.


Sherry Horelka

Thanks so much for the site. I started with six pigeons almost two years ago and found it hard to get any information. I have some beautiful birds and am thankful to learn more about them... Got to see my roller when he just learned he could roll and my frillback and fan tail cross are gorgeous././


Brandon A Davis

Where can I buy Some James Turner Roller Pigeons


Stefanie Sunshine


Hello! I'm looking for pigeon footage and for feedback on my pigeon rebranding experiment. You could say I'm trying to start a viral idea, but I always liked pigeons and feel like they get a bad wrap. Anyway, great site, a wealth of information. Thank you!


Herman Keller

I love your site will look again sometime thanks for a good job.


H Dayle Holtzclaw

I like everything about the site, especially that you were able to get back into pigeons in the US. Pigeon breeders are special gentlemen. The info about the various bronzes is helpful.
Happy breeding!


Eric Augustine Patin

Hello, I am assistant facility maintenance manager at a boarding school in Northfield Massachusetts and also take care of that husbandry program interested finding people to donate pigeons to our startup programs. I have some birds coming from foy's pet supplies, and rollerpigeon.com. I am wondering if anyone else is willing to donate or know someone that's interested in donating some good birds for the program. Please give me a call 323 363 8984 you can also contact me at my email at bigpapae2000@yahoo.com


Dennis Hilkhuijsen

Great info regarding the Birmingham Roller.


Hans P. Roverud

Very informative website on pigeon genetics!

I used to raise show pigeons as well as homing pigeons when I was a kid decades ago. Sometimes I got unwanted "mutts" as a homer succeeded in wooing a modena. I didn't have the heart to cull the offspring so I took them on a train ride and released them among feral pigeons in a city 50 miles from my hometown. As I got home I spotted them sitting on the roof...

Anyway, I've always preferred functional breeds that can fly. Most of the show breeds were more or less field pigeons in the past. Today most of them won't survive a day outside of the loft.

If I get time to pick this hobby up again I might go for rollers, tumblers or homers. I find the genetics behind the color mutations interesting and I'll commend you once more for sharing this information.


María Alejandra Diaz

Very useful information.! Thank you so much. I don't breed, I just try to help hurt pigeons found in the city. 2 babies raised and a juvenile with a broken wing. Hope I can help more often! Big hug... From Argentina.


Leysa Dole

Hi from Tn.! Thank-you for the wonderful site so helpful with good information. Looking to get back into this great hobby now that I am retired and able to have the time to devote to it.


Joe Berk

Im just getting back into homing pigeons after a 40 year break for work, etc. Now that I'm retired, I can devote more time and effort into developing a racing stock - with a lot of help from my local club.


G&K Lofts

Super nice site!! Most informative and we really enjoy your very detailed genetics page. Thanks for taking the time and effort to create such an excellent web site.


Kathrin Volochenko

A long time breeder of 40++ years of several different breeds of flying & fancy pigeons. In Arizona, California and North Dakota. My compliments on your very nice site!


Frances Johnson

You have a very informative web site. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the different breeds. I wish you listed pigeons that are for sale.


Paul Steffen

Moving to California late summer. Plan to have my first racing pigeons by January 2017. At this point I am doing a lot of research and looking to visit some lofts here in Indiana where I might learn a lot more.

Background is farming and wildlife biology with high emphasis on native avians.


Wouter Gerber

Great site thanks, info appreciated thanks. From Sunny South Africa


Davidd Walker

Recently retired and looking forward to getting back in the hobby. If anyone has Old Germann Owls for sale please contact me.
David Walker
Irving Texas


Dr.Werner Lüthgen

Many greetings from a sunny day. Werner


Voytek Miechkovski

I love yours webside. This site keeps everybody closer. With this site, I found everything what I want. Keep like that. Thank You-Thank You !!!!!!
VOYTEK M . From Poland


Mike Simon

Love your website. Info on genetics is very interesting.
Love to get some Turkish Rollers if you are looking for a good home for some.
I am raising Racing Homers trying to perfect my breeding techniques for exotic colors.


Ronnie Clark

I'm looking to get some Turkish Tumblers so I can be the first where I live to have them, I've never had them only seen videos and really love to watch them tumble.


Leslie H. Hearron

I am just starting to build a loft, will be looking for pigeons soom. I live in Leakey, Texas


Vasu Rao

I raised pigeons when I was living in India, as a teenager. I don't know what I was doing. Now I am in US. 25 Years Later I started raising the birds again. This site gave me so much info about birds. I never know in America people raise birds. If I knew this, I would started long ago. I met great people who have birds.


Shahzad Malik, Pakistan

I love ur site also it has many different and knowledgeable things i noted and implemented on my loft great to read the topic lots of fun there hope to learn from u in future.


Peggy Parris and son Rob Stringfellow

Very nice site...In fact the best we have seen. We enjoyed wandering through all of the information and photos. We will be telling our pigeon friends to check this out! Thanks! Peggy and son Rob Rohan Farm


Mary K. Lokker

I have learned so much on this web site. What medication should be on hand for the pigeons; I am getting my first two pigeon curl pigeons next week.


Elliott Laffer

Fantastic information. This website is very useful.


Alex Mascorro

I love your website, I belong to the (FVC) Fernando Valley Racing Pigeon Club of Los Angeles. I have kept racing pigeons since I was 7 years old. Needless to say I love this pigeon-Hobby. Reseda, CA.


Alex Devoy

Bayshore Variety Pigeon Club of New Jersey. Newbie here, 18 years old. I keep flights, frills, rollers, and baldies. Lakewood, NJ


John Hunt

I have had Racing Homer Pigeons for years, but just saw an recently acquired 2 pairs of Portuguese Tumblers. Now I have 2 breeds which I enjoy very much. Racers for racing, Tumblers for their active, unique ways and some nice color combinations as well.


Roy Rosado

Getting back into the hobby. Hope I can learn a lot. Look forward to the next year


Dennis Lawrence

Superb site. Used to be a pigeon-hobbyist as a school-boy. Had different breeds [no exotics]. This is really informative. Wish there was a way to access and download your pigeon pictures.

Best wishes


Barbara Tuss

This is a very informational site. Can't wait to see more!


Jeffery Brown

I love your site. I want to get involved in pegeons. Really don't know much so your website is really helpful, thank you. I am however having a problem finding birds to buy . I live in Marysville California.


Maggie Shreve

Your site has been amazingly helpful tonight. I rescued my renter's abandoned pigeons. I have been learning as I go. They are beautiful gentle birds full of personality and so much fun to watch. I am so thankful to have found your site!


Ava Estorga

Thank you for providing a website with scientific grounding. My Chinese Owls will benefit!


Sue Ann Kelly

What a wonderful site! I have a single fancy pigeon. He is colored like a rock island but with feathers all the way down to his toes. I am not certain of his breed. I am in search of a mate for him. He is my two-year old virgin. I named him goose-goose. He isn't banded as he is my personal pet. Any suggestions? I live on a farm in Oklahoma. Thank you for all your information. It was quite insightful.

Sue Ann Goodfellow Kelly


Wayne Newman

Thank you, Great information and plenty of images to show the new flyers what disease looks like and the remedy to fix them. All over Nice Site.


Chuck Lewis

Great website, Alot of good information here. Keep up the good work, Thanks.


Julien Delorme

Very good technical website ! Waiting for the other description for each genetic gene ! Many thanks ! - by a french fantail breeder"


Ron Odell

hey guys found this sight a while back and i like what i read.i got some good blood line from danny. this year ,ron


Dina Dellit

I was away for two weeks and returned to a nest with two eggs on a small ladder leaning against the eaves. One egg hatched and it has been a delight to watch Harpo develop. (He doesn't make a sound.) Thank you for your wonderful website which answered all my questions. Especially the one about feeding! Harpo has practically doubled daily and now stands outside his nest in preparation of flight. He won't go far, there is a stand of peppermint trees on the other side of our house which is home to all kinds of feathered friends. Again, I thank you for the unbelievable knowledge you have so generously made available. Dina from Perth, Western Australia.


Harold Hoffman III

I really enjoyed reading thru your site and learn a few things I did not know. Thanks for share your passion. I brought up around pigeons most of youth and now in MY 30's I enjoy many breeds and have got in real deep...I own this to My Grandfather Harold J Hoffman SR In which has a Breeding stock of White Homers and white/grey wing saddle blue bars. 50 + year old breeding stock many generations later. Again thanks for all the info you have provided on this site


T Kim

Really nice site. I am learning a lot from it!


pedro s

nice good info for us pigeon fancyers good job on site fly them high tipplerred


Sandeep Jockey

Your pigeons look wonderful.


Gregory Bennymadho

Good contact information from this website.


Monte Scruggs

Hi everyone. I have about 150 Persian High Flyers. They all fly. Have to put them up for 2-3 months spring and fall during the hawk migration. Love to watch them when they do fly. Will not have them as non-flyers. IHF out maneuver hawks if they don't get trapped against the trees. Had rollers. they c/n out maneuver hawks.

If anyone is interested in driving to eastern shore of MD I will give birds. do not ship. 443-359-5168-I have all collars of IHF.


Prasit Rattanapiseth

Dear Arif,

I myself now live in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been keeping a racing pigeon before but not now. But I always love to read an articles that related to racing pigeon.I do a lot of research in the internet about pigeon article but never come across the very useful and great information like you are. It seem to me that your knowledge about racing pigeon is quite deep into details which I don't think that other people will have.

More importantly it is the way you sharing all the knowledge with out hesitate. Some people out there may posses a lot more knowledge than you are but they don't spread it to the public.

I am very glad to reading information from people like you are and hope that Lord of Buddha be with and blessed you at all time.

Keep on good work.



Ron Padilla

Your site is a wealth of knowledge and insight into pigeons and I would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom!

I have homers so that I can train my hunting dogs but they have become pets to us. I live in Long Island NY and now with the winter here, i don't let our pigeons out. We now have 3 sets of eggs and are expecting these to hatch in the next few days.

Thanks again!


A Amore

It's nice to see some accurate pigeon genetics information for once:) You don't have to look far to find sites (many by well known racing lofts) which publicise the most erroneous misinformation masquerading as fact while claiming to have 'studied genetics all their lives'. It just makes the pigeon community even more misinformed and confused. As a geneticists daughter it drives me up the wall!! Thank you for your well written and above all, accurate genetics pages. Bravo and good flying!


Sylvia Copeland

What a wonderful site full of great information. I would love to get print editions of this stuff.


Will Hobbs

Love your informative web site. I am a first time pigeon owner, and until now never appreciated the wonders and personaliy of a pigeon. I have a pigeon that I rescued as a baby with a injured wing, brought him back to health, and now he dosen't want to leave. He has made friends with my 5 dogs and even my 1 cat. He gives me so much joy. Loves to sit on my head or sholder and will follow me from room to room. he also dances for me, puffs out his chest and coose in my ears. his name is walter.


Michael Bruce Cooper

I came here because I found an article written by my Grandpa Bruce. It is wonderful to read his work. He really loved his Pigeons and the friends he met along the way.


Dr. Werner Lüthgen

Beste Grüsse aus Deutschland.
Ich lese mit Interesse Ihre Webseite, da ich viele Fachartikel für die Geflügel- und Taubenwelt schreibe.
Beste Grüsse
Werner Lüthgen


Chris Browne Australia

I am new to the pigeon game and like reading your stuff.


Drew Lobenstein

I grazed through the site for a while...and was very impressed.... You have done incredible work here...I will be referring a bunch of people to it at the Los Angeles Pigeon Club meeting next Thursday.... This is quite a piece of work....
Drew Lobenstein


Fred Ayres

Great site, many thanks for taking the time and trouble.


Pat Horrell

Excellent website. On pigeons


Toni Apostolovski

excellent !!


Abu Ben Adam

Thank you so much for your insightful articles. Enjoyed reading them.



Dave Enns

I found your article on "cherry" ash-red look alike very interesting. I am almost certain that I have a cherry in my loft. I'm not sure how I got it . I'm doing some breeding tests to try to determine if it is in fact some kind of reccesive opal


nihal abdul razak

hi, my name is Nihal. i live in dubai. I was just web surfing looking for information on pigeons. At that time i was just having 12 pigeons. 2 pairs of german muffed magpie pouter, 2 pairs of saudi arabian spotted pigeons and 2 pairs of arabian grey cheeks. after reading your article i got more information than i wanted! now i raise more than 100 pigeons and has a pigeon farm. I earn a lot of money buy selling them. I donate some of my pigeons when it becomes over populated. As you said pigeons should not be kept in cages they should get some freedom and i do give them freedom. thanks a lot for your information, bye!


Danielle Sullivan

I do not breed pigeons, but instead came here quite by accident while studying genomics for school. I read your page about lethal mutations and found it to be very informative and interesting. Thank you.


Seth F

I really loved your article on baby pigeons. I am a first time pigeons raiser and needed some help. Thank You Mumtazticloft Lofts


Bayani Banaag

Very good article on the history of the NBRC. The club is but a microcosm of our society. I understand the progression and problems associated with clubs particularly roller clubs as I have been involved in creating 3 of them. Those NBRC problems have also been seen in local clubs. Democracy is an ongoing process, for all endevours. We must keep pushing forward.


Jockey Mcewan

Just found this site guys loads o good stuff a right real good bit o craic an a will be back for more ta guys.


Bob Banks

just checking your site again really enjoy what I see and read older guy here in Pennsylvania trying to get a few pairs of frillbacks or some other cool bird pigeon bug bit me again like to hear from any of you if you care to drop me a line or two artistbob1937@aol.com thanks bob banks


W Lynn

Thank you for the genetic information. I raise white homers and I am trying to learn a little about genetics. Thank you


Martin Clarke

Like to see some fancy pigeons


Wally Wolf

Very good and interesting information. I raise Birmingham Rollers and Homing Pigeons. A small loft and an enjoyable hobby. I have always wanted to take a holiday to Turkey. Thanks.


Herbert L. Pape

Greetings from Warrenton Mo. Thank you for all the info you are sharing with all the Fanciers around the world here. I am from the town of Warrenton Mo. The Home of the old APJ and was Friends with Frank Hollman the Owner and Publisher. He started the APJ in 1915 - 1993 and had a circulation of over 10 thousand. I am 78 yrs old and have loved and raised pigeons since 10 yrs old. My specialty at the time is rare color Homers in Racers or Show Racers. I also have a project going with White Carneau, Swiss Mondaines. French Gros. Mondaines & White Kings, All are white and the old style birds. I have a large Barn divided into separate pens for all birds. Of course I too am always looking to buy birds also. I love the way you have all this info laid out for all of us. What a great Service. Again I say Thanks. Herb


Frankie Sustarsic

I am looking for english trumpeters, dresden trumpeters, saints, swallows and jacobins and pygmy pouters in kansas, okla, mo and arkansas.


Fritz Burrow

Good information, thanks!


Faham Younus

Nice website lot of useful info, i love pigeons and used to raise them back home and 1 week ago i started raising them again in indianapolis indiana.


Tanumoy Roy

I love pigeons. this is a very helpful site. great job bro.


Jeff Desimone



Zafer Sorguc



Crowet Leon

felicitations !


Hayley Leigh

I have an unbanded believe it is a Donek that we took in after a bad storm. It is definitely a domestic pigeon, we kept it for 3 days then let it go but it came back. I did some research and realized he was either someones pet or a show/racer pigeon. Any ideas of someone who might want to adopt, I have contacted wildlife bird rescues but they wont take it as they said it is not wild. I am in Annapolis MD.


Rob McKee

This is a marvelous URL;

can you post the :"z" locus hypothesis by the late Williard Hollander?

we can also show how it can be applied to color breeding ;


Lacy Hinson

Great info on the pigeons. I raise pigeons and want to try and get them flying.


Mahbub Habib

Thank you for your wonderful website. Specially for the genetics part. Please, please do upgrade the missing info in the genetics part.


Lezlie Greco

Thank you for this wonderful informative site. I am not a breeder, nor do I have a loft, but I live with a pigeon rescued as a baby from a washed out nest. She lives with my dog and I, free flying on our walks and is quite a character. In trying to reintroduce her to our local flock, have now been accepted by about 40 birds in our flock along the Thames River ... And watch over them thru the winter ... She has not left me ... I love these intelligent and gentle birds, thank you for your wonderful site! Lezlie


Bill CheshireJr

Looking for multi-colored homers, etc to buy. In Lima, Ohio ... No pigeon breeders here. Am from the Northwest , so my google search showed me your page.


Pablo Irizarry

Great site! keep up the good work!


Lisa Rasmussen

We've had a few babies with splayed legs this summer, but we've also had single eggs being hatched. We've had 5 or 6 babies that we've had to wrap their legs, and have been using vet wrap with success, until now. We currently have an oriental roller baby that seems to be part Houdini and has made it almost impossible to keep his legs wrapped. I like your idea of the sponge and I'm hoping this will do the trick. We were lucky enough to purchase some Dale Husband birds not long after his passing and we have a young bird from a great looking Tuffy that we would sure like to keep. Thank you for all your time and effort and sharing your experience with all of us.

Brian and Lisa Rasmussen


Fabian Umana S.

Great web site about Pigeons. Best regards from Costa Rica Fabian Umana S.


Official_ Pigeon

I love this website! It helped me find tons of pigeon breeders in Texas! Thank you so much!


Erol Salso

Mumtaz Bravo arkadasim.
One of the best places to visit for pigeon lovers


W Harmuth

Hello, so great, amazing to read some words about my father Dr. Dieter Harmuth, he loved his pigeons since he was a little child !, Really wonderful page, best wishes from Berlin, Germany, W. Harmuth


Nimaan Abdi

Impressive page! This page reminds me back when I was a kid. But still I love them I have never ending passion for pigeon!


Ty Coleman

Hello my friend, I was looking around your page and reading a few articles. The pigeon hobby needs more men like you. Great Job!


Roy Andrews

I like your genetics page. Here something I observed when I had Racing Homers. I would hatch only one egg in a nest. At first I would hatch both eggs. This is what I found, normally in a nest of two eggs from my 8 eight breeding pairs pairs the sex ratio was 1:2:1 by which I mean 2nests of hens : 4 nests of hen/cock : 2nests of cocks. So I started hatching only one eggs, at first egg and got 2 cocks to 6 hens. When for the next round I hatched the 2nd egg and got 2 hens to 6 cocks. I tried this for several years and got almost always the same results. So I came to the conclusion that in a hen/cock nest the second egg seems to be male and the first female.


Charles Johnson

I enjoy all of your Mumtaztic loft ,web page and all your info. your doing great and keep it up. Thanks CHUCK.


Boguslaw Kurile

Hello nice website. I'm a Pigeon breeder from Poland. I invite everyone to visit my website: http://barwnoglowki.pl/


Dr. Werner Lüthgen

Eine interessante und informative Seite. Viel Erfolg und beste Grüsse Werner Lüthgen


Cal Trussell

Great site, especially the articles on bronze. Very well researched. Keep up the good work. Best regards CAL


Tony Cardoza

Great site thank you for my Christmas present. NATIONAL WEST OF ENGLAND TUMBLER BREEDER FOR OVER 40 YEARS. MANY COLORS FROM BALDHEADS--MOTTLES-- SELFS--PATTERNS. Also breeding Wests in rare colors.


Fred Locke

Lots of information on your site. I raise syrian coop tumblers, Iranian high flyers, serbian high flyers and I show west of england tumblers. I've had the same line of coop tumblers for more than 20 years. Besides having ice in all patterns, blacks and blues, over the years I have added barless, indigo, brown, dom opal and recessive red. I live in Seminole, AL just across the Florida state line.


Ruth Kummer

GREAT website! so much detailed information and well organized. I loved all your great pictures as well. I imagine your white dove releases on the beach in Florida are just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your love of these incredible birds with all of us.


Joe Eman

Loads and loads of information. Learnt a lot about pigeon colours, patterns, and BR s. Thanks a Ton.


Mike Ramirez

Nice site lots of great information


Somnath Mondal


Myself, Somnath from Kolkata, India. I have been a pet lover since my child hood. I am now 36 years old. Now I don't have any pet other than MY pigeons. The only bird whom I love more than my life. Your site is beautiful and informative. My collection is fancy pigeons and not the high flyers. I have got Satin, Jacobin, Indian fantails. This is the best site I have ever came across created by a pigeon lover. My only dream in life, is to have pigeon farm with atleast 50 different breeds of fancy pigeons. Hope my dream come true.


Ron Simpson

Nice Site!! my two web sites are showrollers.com and mufftumblers.com


Bob Banks

it's nice to find your site. I'm an older guy here in central Pa. I've always loved pigeons and had many when I was younger. I had rollers and homers and a variety of fancy birds. i'd like to get a few pairs to keep again. I'd love to have birds to fly but have a problem with hawks. Being on a fixed income, I have to be careful with my purchases. Thanks for allowing me to post here. I really like your site. Thanks again Bob Banks


Chris Hennessy

Great website mate, so much knowledge you are passing on. Saved this site as one of my favs.


Rick Bennett

Nice web site. I raised rollers for most of my life Penson & Birmingham rollers. I never had Turkish Tumblers. How do I get some. I don't care if they are missed marked just they perform. I live in New York


Charline Price

i love this place, gives you a no hows and what to look for in your feathered friend, i must say if the word were like this place it would be a heaven for birds.


Hanny Adams

I really found this site very interesting. Now, I know how to take good care of my pigeons.


Randy Czerenda

Thanks for the great website and photos. I'm in Deefield Beach, FL, where they don't allow us to keep pigeons. I am thinking of moving soon to a community that is pigeons friendly, and FLL/Wilton Manors is a good location. I would enjoy coming and meeting you, seeing your birds. Again, thanks for your site and enthusiasm.


Carl Pascual

hi there.. I'm looking for Pedigreed Blue Barless Racing Pigeons, and Solid Yellows Racing Pigeons, preferably 2011 or 2012 birds... please response thanks...


Paul Svobodny

Glad I found your site. Lots of high quality information. I've recently become a fancier thanks to a friend of mine, a Palestinian from the Old City of Jerusalem. He gave me a mating pair of Turkish Tumblers. Well, anyway--Thank you. I look forward to visiting your site again.


Llewellyn Harpestad

very interisting I have bred racing pigeons for over 25 years and have found this very helpfull.


Wes Kurihara

Thank you for sharing your info, enjoyed your web site.


Jim Wise

Hi I live in Ark I really enjoy your Webpage I really Like the Turner Rollers you have I hope to get some High Quality Birds I appreciate it Jim Wise.



i am from indonesia,i am interested with your artical. it's possible if i get some information to make super breeder? i have pigeon racer,i want of plan to breed my pigeon, my question is how to make next generation of pigeon always on stability position.


Robert Jenkins

I really enjoyed your website. I found it to be very educational. I haven't raised Birmingham Rollers since I was about 8 yrs. Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some research; and wondering whether or not I should get back into the hobbie. I must say, after reviewing your website I maybe convinced to do so. Just wanted to say that you have a really nice and informational website. Thanks for sharing.


Edward Rodriguez

Hello, Just passing thru & enjoying your site.I was forced into retirement due to a work related injury. Barely getting into Racers again. I had Racers a couple times earlier in my life, but never raced them. Now starting slowly, I just bought a pair from a gentleman in Minnesota. Plans are to slowly & collect some birds to form a base for the team I plan to have. Being on a fixed income i really have no choice but to go slowly jajajaja. I really admire all Reds, Blacks, grizzles in that order. Once again it was a pleasure visiting your site.


Chesley Larry Warren

Very informative for me !!


Arvind Darkryder

Amazing web site :) helped me a lot , it provided me with the necessary information for the treatment of infertility :)thanku :) thanks a lot :)


Edward Rodriguez

Love your section on genes. I just bought my first 2 birds (Racers), a Brown Hen & a Red Check Cock with black specks. Just trying to understand the gene part. trying to imagine what color will the babys be. The Rollers are really nice, especialy the ones with feathers on the feet. I planning to get some later on after build a larger loft. I enjoy Birds that perform. I don't like the idea of having birds caged up for life without having a chance to fly free once in while.


redzuan b daud

thanks, lot of information..


David Render

hi i have just come back from benidorm Spain, where i saw some ferral pigeons, one was a light red colour but its underwings were crimson red, i have never seen this before on pigeons, can you tell me what speices ths is. Thank you.


Kathleen R.

I love your site, especially the genetics pages. Even though I am not an owner or breeder, I love learning about pigeon genetics; I have found it quite difficult to find much information, however, outside of a very few sites. Your site is incredibly useful, and it is also one of the few well-made pigeon sites I have come across. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you've done here... thank you!


Warren De Silva

Thanks for all the information man it was a great read. I live in Melbourned Australia and concentrating in breeding West Of England Tumblers, they are hard to come by here and hopefully Iam trying to get as many colours as possible, this is my second year into them, please do give me any tips especially with these birds.



R. Senthil Kumar

Hi I am Senthil Kumar from Madurai district, Tamil Nadu state, India. I am an advocate. I am really proud to enter in to your guest book as a first person from India. I really love your site, I have got really very usefull informations and knowledge about pigeons. Your informations were priceless and most valuable. I am interested in breeding fancy pigeons. If you provide some good informations regarding fancy pigeons like (king, French montain, magbie pouter, etc.) fanciers like me will get some benifit.

I want to know about individual breeding system rather than colony type, if u give me the cage size details and medicine chemical combinations I can verify the available medicine combinations in India.


Asok Ghosh

I came to the U.S.A. in 1982 to pursue Graduate Degrees. Before coming to the U.S.A., I had pet pigeons and I loved seeing them fly high, tumble, for almost the whole day. When I saw the videos posted in your web site reminded me about one of my pigeons. It used to the same thing - it could not land on our third floor roof for several attempts and rise up vertically tumbling. I have been contemplating for the last two years about having pigeons at my residence. I live in Maryland. I have some concern about how to deal with the pigeons during the severe winter season.


Phoenix Turley

I love your site. We recently got our first pigeon, Russell, and we are actively seeking a companion for him. I think I found a local breeder off of your list, so happy to have found you. wonderful articles... My kids are really excited. Thank you!


Ann X

Hello! I really would like your advice - I'm currently fostering a pidgeon squeaker and would like to know how much food they need per day. Baby also have some problem with leg which looks like it migh be the common defect you described. If you can, please help with some advice.


Robert Dadona

This Web-Site is helpful to all breeders. I breed Janssen strain racing homers. Thank You RJ


Dr. Werner Lüthgen

A very interesting Website.
Werner Lüthgen, Rodgau/Germany


John Weir

Very good site. Love your new coloured rollers I have dilutes, indigo, dominant opal in my rollers I am trying a toy stencil project but it is slow and difficult


Dr. R. deVoll Fisher

Beautiful website and very informative. I have a white dove release business in NW Florida and am looking at acquring some Birmingham tumblers. I'm relatively new to pigeons and have never actually seen tumblers in action, but I am fascinated by what I've read and watch on videos. I'm looking for some white tumblers and maybe some grizzles when I'm finally ready to acquire my birds. I have about 50 white homers, another forty or so colored racers (although I do not race them,)20 Indian fantails and 15 white ringneck doves as well as ducks, geese, guineas, pheasants, chickens of every type, a pot belly pig named Hogatha, dogs, cats, parakeets, and cockatiels. Needless to say we are animal lovers. Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk. I'm sure I'll be visiting your site very often to learn more and ask questions. Please visit our white bird group on yahoo groups at yahoo.com/group/whitebirdreleases . Mostly we're just a bunch of bird folks who enjoy good conversation and talking pigeon and you would be most welcomed.


Ernie Garcia

Very informative and down to earth site.
Ernie Garcia


Monte Scruggs

One of the best websites I've read. I breed Brim. Rollers in Ca. Moved to Md eastern shore w/ them. Gave them up because of hawks. I now have aquired 20 Persian High flyers. These are pure. I'm looking forward to flying the young this summer. I hope they can manage the sky predator better than rollers. When you watch a kit you can feel the freedom of their flight.


Nabel Envia

I also have Iraqi tumblers I love your web side , Sence you have persian pigeons you need to joine my club. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/persianpigeons/


Michael George

Raised Rollers and Homers when I was a kid in Upstate New York, want to get into them again and now live in Fort Lauderdale trying to get started.


Samuel J. Dashner

Am a Past Breeder Of Fantails, Rollers, Homers & Danzig Highfliers. Am New to Arkansas and am interested in starting up in birds again. Am VERY interested in Iranian Highfliers & other Tumbler breeds. Am Looking to purchase young ASAP, Please inform me of any possibilities to purchase such breeds. Thank-You Very Much!


Tony Fasano

Stan great talking to you via e-mail. this is a very informative site. I flew homers and am now looking for a new hobby. I will never be without some kind of pigeons. Looking forward to meeting you.


Damian Peric

Im 16 and i breed tipplers, serbian highflyers and iranian highflyers, in wollongong NSW AUSTRALIA.

This website was very helpful and interesting, your birds are beautiful


Egbe Igwe

Great to be here with unique ones.


Steve Ortiz

I'm Steve living in the Bronx, New York and I fly English tipplers or as we like to call them Canadians,these birds just fly and fly. I recommend them to people who like tipplets.


Sajwar Ch

well i can comment after i saw something on this site, basically i m looking for informative stuff regarding the pigeons eyes and breeding techniques also about the feather of them so that i can learn n use this knowledge practically on my own pigeons.


Anjum Qamar

i have 500 pigeon in india city of taj mahal agra different type only flying pigeon i like fly racing so please send some tips to me for flying pigeon long distance in group what is the meals and diet


Hal Hickton

Excellent site!


Diane Ford

Wonderful Website & beautiful birds! I raise white home/english tumblers in Md. for 6 years. Found your website informative especially on coop management and young pigeons. Will visit often! Good luck with your pigeons!



Kardeşim yapmış olduğun çalışmalarla gurur duyduk. Eminim kuşculuğunla adını daha çok söz ettireceksin. Başarılar diler, saygılarımı sunarım.


Denny Stapp

A wonderful pigeon web site. Thank you for providing the vast amount of information which it contains.


Joe Serrill

You have a great website. I like your photos of your birds and their loft. You have some beautiful pigeons. A great list of breeders for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your website, photos and information with us pigeon people.


Mike Mooring ''Yankee Mike''

Great looking birds and website my friend, I was very disappointed to see an empty page in your ''FOR SALE'' catagory lol. Keep me in mind if you have any to part with ok? Thank you and keep up the good work.



Great site, very nice articles and great pictures. I currently have Serbian High Flyers (wow can they fly), Shaksharli Tumblers, and 2pr of Iranians plus and extra hen. I really am impressed with the performance of the IHF's and am looking for a cock to mate up with my hen. Color not important flying and vertical rolling rules! I am trying to get birds from different breeders so that I can have genetic diversity within the same general family of birds. How do your birds handle the hawks by you? At this point I am not flying my birds until I can get youngsters unfortunetly the cost of birds makes it tough to want to risk them in the air. I feel terrible because you can see the desire to fly in all of my birds. If you ever have IHF's for sale please let me know. Thanks!


Nick Siders

I have a club website arkansasrollerclub.com that I have referenced some of the information used to your website. The clubs name is the Arkansas State Roller Association (ASRA)


Abdelkarim Alzarooni

Thanks much for all the breeders


Monte Scruggs

Hi. I live on the eastern shore of MD. I've owned birminghan rollers when I lived in CA. Your birds are fine samples of the IHF and are to take pride in.


Jomoh Samul

Lovely birds i love them birds is a man Best thing u can have as a pet take care brother big up bird lovers all over thanks u give me inspiration


Louis Willis

Hello my name is Louis. I live in Texarkana, AR. I was raised around rollers in venice, calif as a child. now at the age of 39 i have became disabled, and have chosen the hobby of raising pigeons. There are no breeders in my area and are very hard to find. If there are any reasonable priced breeders within 175 miles please contact me.


Rafeek Hamza

I love the site.


Jose Rosas

hey im kinda new to this and ive really been wanting to get some racing homers i live in the wenatchee area in Washington if you have some for sale in my area email me please


rodolfo e rodriguez jr

Hi, I am a breeder of fancy pigeon breeds like german beauty, tipplers, oriental frill,african owl, english carrier. Racing pigeon breeds like jan ardenne, van den broucke, and jansen.


Muna Bhai

i am a breeder from pakistan i make many breeds homing pigeons colours thrumlers and many pigeons like high flying pigeons my no:03014763393 in lahore


Ehtisham Khan

I am a breeder of pakistan. My breed is kings, ena porter, janseen homing pigeons, white lacky and black lacky.


Audrey Emery

My 24 yr old son just got into raising pigeons. I was against it at first because the idea of birds in cages seemed sad, but now I understand it better. anyway, I'm taking care of a newly hatched squab (sorry I guess that's redundant) so I looked you up and really liked your site. I have feeding questions I would like to ask you and really need your help because the mama flew away. Thanks and would luv 2 hear from you.

Audrey Emery


Richard White

i've been trying to purchase some tumblers or rollers for the past 2 months. came across your web site by accident. contacted one person already. we'll see what happens. anyways thanks you have alot to choose from


James T. Blevins



Hank Jay Hayes

Hi to everyone i've had roller pigeons most of all my youngers years. And now that i'm going to get back in the groove of raising me some more good spinners. So if anyone on here has a few good pairs to sell me. I'm looking for birds that can spin at least from 30ft-50ft. contact me, my name's Jay 510- 612-2242


James Frees

I love your web site and the birds you are working with. The Turkish Tumblers are beautiful, but also the rare color rollers.


Rajat Mitra

i am very much impressed by visiting your website and i like to contact you for so that i can get some better ideas and better experiences from you about breeding, how to get good performing breeds,food habbits etc.etc


Louie...DHF Lofts

Your Website & Birds is to be admired, Loads of Great information…!…Thank you, you are a true Pigeon Fancier… Louie, DHF Lofts…


Darryl W. Young

Well, Hello again! I have been looking over your website, over, and over again. I've been trying to see if I miss something, but I am not. Question, where are your birds for sale, I see you have a page for that, but I don't see any birds? I really would to get some birds from you, mainly the Iranian High Flyers, and the Turkish Tumblers. Man you have some beautiful birds with those breed. Can you let me know, when and if you will be selling some. Thank You!


Justin Green

Great work my friend. A credit to our fancy


Susan Broadrick

I love your Web Site. I hope you have lots of luck.


Darryl Webster Young

I had pigeons when I was around 10-12yrs old. Now, I am 48, and I still have the "LOVE", for pigeons. My wife and I live in a developement, where you can't have birds. In the near further we are going to be moving, and I will have my loft then. Reading your information on pigeon has really help me to understand more of how to keep them. I will be looking forward to reading more, and looking at more videos, also pictures of your pigeons. You have some very nice looking birds, I am a Tippler guy, but I love them all. Keep doing what you are doing and I'll be looking to hear from you.


Suleyman Altintas

Enjoyed your site, very interesting. Visit us at: http://turkishpigeon.com and see our pigeons


Arthur Schickler

I am an 83 year old guy who used to race pigeons in n.y. and miami, but now am interested in flights and rollers. i havent had birds for many years but when you have them your hooked forever. i enjoy you site and have learned a lot. thanx for all the info,


John T Roberts

I have been searching for months trying to find some plain insight that comes from the heart. You have done just that. Thank you for your efforts and keen sence of understanding of the pigeons you have chosen to raise.


rabi pal

Your write-up is informative. Hundreds and thousands of people have been in pigeon sports, yet no suitable literature to be found on their origins. These days we are having a shade of homers that are high flying, intelligent and enduring. Falcons are babies to this breed. High degree summer temperatures have seen these birds clocking above 12 hours. Should you want to know more I may be of help.


Pheng Lee

i find this site the most fantastic site to get information off of because i'm new to the hobby and this site gives detail and examples which is fascinating... i have both birmingham and iranian tumblers and this sites gave me all i need to know bout em... Thnx alot and keep up the good work... =)


badran belal

Salam,very nice site,exellent combination,good luck dear.



rahul kumar pal

hi i fly the indian mondain(tukri) that you have mentioned in your website. these are common birds of india/pakistan and quite famous. if there is someone out here who also flies tukri please contact me at kaushalpal89@yahoo.com...i would like to discuss about the herbal medication in tukri(khel-in local language). waiting for some one to contact me....and have some good information sharing from both side. thank you...best of luck to all the pigeon fliers..sky is the limit to all of us..don't u agree guys.


Leonard R. Hawlkins

This was great, got a lot of information. Thank you


Les Francis

Dear Sir, thank-you for developing such an informative site. Your birds are wonderful! I too love perfoming and high-flying pigeons! I flew some Iranian highflers when I lived in Los Angeles, CA. I presently reside in Brooklyn, New York.


Dr. Madeeha Wajid

find this book informative


Rahul Kumar Pal

hi this is rahul from india(delhi) i googled your website..nice and hard analysis work done and presented by you. awesome pictures of chicks development. realy liked your stuff.



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Thanks for taking the time to debate this, I feel strongly about it and love studying more on this topic. If possible, as you gain experience, would you thoughts updating your blog with additional info? It is extremely useful for me.

Actually like your websites details! Undoubtedly a wonderful offer of information that's extraordinarily helpful. Carry on to carry publishing and i’m gonna proceed reading by way of! Cheers.

Simply killing some in between class time on Digg and I discovered your article . Not usually what I want to read about, but it was absolutely value my time. Thanks.


Bill & Linda Schultz

We are very impressed with this site.. You have done such an awesome job.. We love our birds. We raise Indian fantails, Fantasies.. Ya'll have a wonderful day..


John Pass

I am very interested in turkish pigeons also uzbek if any one out there have some for sale please please contact me my # 310-892-1668 or office 310-783-0044 or email johnp@vinyl-concepts.com


Jon Wallingsford

Hi everyone l am looking for some bird`s which are called Iraqi and some Iranian and some really good performing Turkish Tumbler`s whoever has some or knows someone who sells them please be helpful and let me know my Email is here to contact me with their full name and their phone number with area code included thank you for your time and trouble.
My Email is : kartal_usa@yahoo.com


Kingsley Forbes

I look at your web site and i learn so much about my pegions how to care and enjoy them i love pegions now i love them more thanks to your web site keep up the good hard work birdman you are amazing. from kingsley in london uk


Jaime Orozco

good site


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Interesting web site. Best regards,


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awsome site


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You have very nice birds sir!..
I'am interested to acquire a bird for my self.
I really love pigeons!.


Frank Mosca

This is one of the best put together pigeon sites on the web. I enjoy wandering it.


Mahmoud Hassan

Great Site and V.nice pigeons

I hope you can visit my pigeon photo gallery and tell me your opinion




Cliff Ball

Outstanding website, Arif. Very nice birds and photographic documentation. You will be a force to reckon with in the Florida competitions. I look forward to judging you again sometime!


Manoj Kumar

I love pigeons & i very interested in that.


Ron Chrisler

hi sir! you have a very nice site and i like it so much! hope that i will have a pigeon like yours.


Duane and kids Shelby and Nathan Cole

really like what you are doing . my kids would like get some performing birds . we have seen some videos of the turkish tumbers like them very much and the rollers . would like to some . love your web sit help us a lot . looking all you birds and my kids like them very much . hop here form you soon . it all about the kids thank you Duane


Rizwan Ahmed Usmani

I am from Pakistan. I really enjoyed this site, keep it up. All the information is great.


Found Bird

hello - I'm from Iran and live in Atlanta Georgia area and today and I found an Iranian High Flyer with an ID tag reading "Majid Iranian High Flyer ...Please help to find her owner. She is in a great shape and was hungry and thirsty. I know this bird bc I used raise them when I was much younger! thank you


Lovell Marvin O. Lazaro

I enjoyed reading the different articles. It was very educational especially for a beginner like me. What do you think about having obs & ybs on one loft due to lack of space?


high flights lofts

beautiful combinations


Dima Zavertaniy

Great site...can u contact me when you have Turkish, Iraqi, iranian,or Sharkashil pigeons for sale please call my email went down 952-881-2895


Lee A Freeman

Love your birds, look forward to talking to you


Donna Smith

Love your Website. Great help to id my pigeons thanks.


Fritz Weilbach

Great site. I use to keep B/Roller but due to HAWK attacks i had to swop to Racing Homers. I am from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa


Dima Zavertaniy

Awesome tips on on how to raise a baby pigeon very useful.


Zpigeons loft

Hello I like your website, i have some Turkish tumblers also, I posted a video on YouTube if you want to you can go take a look the video is called Turkish tumblers (zpigeons loft) it's the one with the two babys by a flower.


Saad Ali

Very nice site and full of information congratulation, thanks for the help



Joseph Smith

Nice site


Raja Baba

Wish to learn more


Kuriakose Princy

I liked your site, your experience on pigeons, i am new to this field with 13 pigeons, in this 2 are fantail. The rest i dont know its breed ,as here i dont have a good source to know its breed, even if they say the breed they say local names, not what we see in internets. Will you please help beginners like me to say how its cages to be built, what feed to be given as we get in India, how to care them, size of cages, how to train them fly for hours without landing, etc.
Expecting your help please.
thank you


Vasak Vasak

I like your pigeons.


Deb Cunningham

I am enjoying your site, we have White Trenton pigeons.


Peter Schneider

Great site!


Rabishankar Pal

Great site, enjoyed thoroughly. Any anti-falcon tools(medicines, scents etc)with anyone out there. Experimenting with the quality enduring highflyers getting tough cause of falcons.


Ikramy Ghidan

Amazing information you have on your site. I breed Turkish Tumblers, but never tried to train them. I will definitely do after reading your method. Thanks


Bob Kitcheman

Hello from England,
Magic double magic l visited site 3 or 4 times a day, really good. I am building a loft for fancy pigeons but the weather has set every thing back that is why i look at your birds every day.


Ahmad Karim

Thanx alot mumtazticloft for the usefull information. I got the female at the end of summer last yr and now its end of winter so i guess i have to wait and see if she lays eggs in summer time but thanx for ur help.


Ahmad Karim

Hi it’s me again hope your ok and enjoying your time with your birds. I wanted to ask a question I have a Iranian female which I had for nearly 5 months now but she won’t lay eggs I tried putting her with a different male because I thought maybe something wrong with the male but still no luck an experienced breeder told me she should lay eggs because he said the bird is 2 yrs old by looking at the bird feather , just want to know if u can tell me what could be the reason for her not laying eggs they have created a nest but no eggs any suggestion plz ??? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Ahmad,

I forwarded your question to one of the foremost authorities I know when it comes to pigeons and their genetics, Frank Mosca. The following is his answer. I hope this helps you and many other breeders who might have the same problem.

“Okay there are a few possibilities here.

1 - The hen is sterile. It happens. I had one archangel hen years back that didn't lay for four years. I had her posted and the vet told me she had a malformed oviduct from birth.

2. She's out synch with the male. The guy can try this. Pop a wooden egg under her at about 5 pm, then 2 days later do the same with a second wooden egg. Let them sit the eggs for ten days and take the eggs away and let them go to nest again. Sometimes that will 'cause the hen to lay the next nest.

3. She might be calcium deficient or vitamin E deficient. Make sure she's on a good diet with sufficient fresh grit replenished every other day or so.

4. The experienced breeder is wrong and the bird is younger and not yet ready to lay or (depending on where the owner of this bird lives - she's not getting enough light and she's in winter mode.) If that's the case, he can wait till later toward the spring or add more light hours with a timer in the loft/breeding pen.”


vasya persikov

This is my new website. I raise Uzbek tumblers!


Dave Driver

Fabulous website, best I've seen, I have just bought my first 2 pairs of Iranian High Fliers, after 40 years of racing pigeons. Will be reading all I can.


Hector Hernandez

Nice looking birds!!!


Gary Bradshaw

Great web site! Beautiful pictures!

I found an orphaned and starving female feral pigeon on May 12, 2007 that was about a week old, based on the daily development pictures in your baby section. Needless to say, after hand-raising her, she turned into our 'spoiled' baby.

Sometime around August of this year I noticed that the feathers on her back, starting right behind her neck, were deteriorating such that only the center shaft was left, giving them the appearance of a course hair with a tassel on the end, somewhat resembling a small paint brush.

Since then I've tried everything imaginable. First, when 'caged bird spray' didn't work, I took her to the only avian veterinarian in this area who "thought" it was mites and treated her for such. (He injected something onto the skin of her back in the infected area.) After that apparently didn't work, we've dusted her a total of three times with 5% Sevin Dust, sprayed the infected area with a diluted bleach solution (supposed to kill fungus), and nothing seems to make any difference.

So, here it is five months since the start of this and right now her back looks better because some new feathers are coming in, but those new feathers have already started to deteriorate as well.

Note that she's never shown any signs of sickness because of this. She's energetic, has a good appetite and all.

Through all of this I have never seen any kind of bug, and I have searched many times using a magnifying glass.

Please advise me on what else I can try if you can.....


It seems like you did everything I could have suggested. I never had an experience with this particular problem so I can’t really help you. If I were you, I would post this on pigeon Talk and I am sure someone there will help you out. Here is the link : http://www.pigeons.biz/forums in the bottom there is a link that says: “Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions”. If you are able to post a picture of her condition, it would really help too.

Thanks for all you do for that bird, and good luck.


Ras General

Nice looking birds. I own a number of Rollers and Iranian High Flyers. Let me know when you have Pensom birds available.


Nico Rizo

I enjoyed looking at all your birds. I been around birds since a kid at the age of 9 in NY at the roof tops. Watching flying tipplets.


Anton Matjanec

Very nice and useful for each pigeon breeders, roller sports club Croatian 2010 years for the first time will compete in the World Cup Fly as chairman I would like to correspond with you and thus gain some experience in fostering Birmigham Rollers
beautiful site
I hope that we will be able to correspond


Dave Zornes

I don’t know who set up your web page but all I can say it is the best and most informative I have ever seen. I have been raising Birmingham Rollers for 42 years most from the Pensom line. Seeing I lived in Maryland and bought the best birds I could find on the north east coast and it is great to see a young man like you champion the cause and dedicate so much time in the breeding and development of performing breeds. On your home page you mentioned the bronze roller. Well I bred two of them this year and would like to let you have one of them. I have met you; I am the secretary of the CENTRAL FLORIDA PIGEON FANCIERS ASSOCIATION the guy that does the set up and tear down of the show cages at the shows E-MAIL me.

Thanks for the complements. Being a web design teacher at a local high school I designed and maintaining my website. Hope to see you soon and we’ll keep in touch via emails.


Pastor Rick

Nice Birds


Richard Sanchez

I love the birds, I’ve been off & on the raising of B. Rollers since 1958 I am currently LOFTLESS but always enjoy a good "FLY".


Paul Dersch

I really enjoyed reading your material and viewing all your photos


Mario Pehar

Big hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I keep also birmingham rollers,line from Ferid Catak(Danmark) and local breed named Zenica tumbler.We are pioneers in Bosnia,but we go ahead every day.
This is our site:http://brkbih.com/http/brkbihcom/forum/YaBB.pl


Saeid Rajaei

Hi guys
Do you know how to treat "Newcastle disease; PMV-1; in pegions? I have a big challenge with this infection and I haven't find a proper way to treat this deases. So I'll appriciate you if you have a practical way(medicine,....) to treat it.

Thank's a lot, Saeed

Paramyxovirus is the most dangerous threat to our pigeons. There is a vaccine approved by the US Government. PMV-1 stands for Avian Parmayxovirus Type 1. Once the bird gets this virus there isn’t much you can do about it!!! You can try giving them the vaccine but it will either kill them instantly or will cure them. You must vaccinate your birds every 6 months and separate the sick birds from the rest as it spreads pretty fast. Good luck!


Adem Sahin

I am very interested in your website and would like to know more about turkish tummblers.

Please respond soon! :)


Harvey L Young

Are you looking for a racing pigeon club in mid Illinios, Come join the Illini Racing Pigeon Club. Our New club house Shipman, Il 339 Short St.or contact me @ 618-466-6365 for yearly club events.
Yours for the sport
Harvey Young Illini Pres.


mirza mohammad naseem

i am intrested pigeon evry one


Alex LaSalle

Enjoyed looking at your site....I no longer have pigeons due to health reasons...The best to all


Phong Lee

nice website.. one of the most detail sites Ive seen.. keep up the good site..


Lee Mason

Good info.


Bill McCollister

Fantastic site.. I too love the honey chested Turkish Tumblers.. Thanks for the great site! I really enjoyed it.


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I enjoy looking at your website u have nice looking birds


Gagan Dhillon

i was searching for pigeons sites. i think its one of best sites


Mr. Buck Hawes

This is an excellent learning site. Thanks for the extreme detail with which you explain diffrent aspects of pigeons. Great site. Again thank you.


Francis Veranda


this is a great site for pigeons fancier. i am interested to buy some of your breed. would it be possible to have some? i am very excited to have a superior pigeon from you.


Saleem Ullah Nasir

Its really nice website. Im from Pakistan and have alot of types of racing pigeons. I've a loft of over 100 pigeons. Training breeding and racing styles is much different here than the US and other country. As far as genetics are concerned here people learned from other people and they are very expert in it without reading any book but just personal experience. In Pakistan its not developed as a sports. In Pakistan you may have almost every types of pigeons i personally know many people who do have imported and local birds and they are doing very well.

I guess there should be an organization where we could gather info about different types of pigeons in the world and should have competition around the world so that we can decide which type of the bird is the best for racing and high fly.


Edward Burgos

please sent any picture of danish any color.tippler or flights. new york style.I'm being flying @ the age of 8yrs olds.now im 48yrs olds.born and raise in new york.never stop loving the birds.give me piece and happiness.


Ronnie Sultana

Great site! Enjoyed all the articles you posted.. thank you so much! Good luck with your birds.. and some great colours there too!


James Taylor

Hi, I recently purchased four rollers from you. They are in good health and settling in just fine. I would like to thank you for a prompt shipping. P.S. I would like to purchase more from you in the future. Thanks again !


oguzhan bozdag

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. This is a great site and great people here.

Oguzhan Bozdag


Parham Kalimy

Beautiful website. Very informative. Excellent birds, I have recommended your website to some friends who like persian highfliers.

I will continously visit.


James Taylor

enjoyed looking through your pictures you have some good looking birds especially the bald heads. JT thanks


Dennis Panasci

Nice site lots of good info, but do you breed your rollers in individual pens so you know who is the true father, I’ve seen too many loft breeders ruin their own birds by open loft breeding. Keep up the good work roller rookie from Ct.

Thank you and YES!!! I do breed them in individual boxes and know who their parents are…


Scott Willoughby

You have some nice birds.


frank crew

Hi, i would like to get started i dont care what kind of pigeons i used to do homers as a kid but moved and could not take them i have no idea how to find some or who to talk to i dont have alot of money if you could help me it would be great my kids love them to.


Ahmed Hasan

Great website. I like your birds thank you so much.


Asaba Owerri

I love this page. It looks realy nice and good. Keep up the wonderful good work and I will keep on visiting.


Bob Hammond

I raise german beauty homers.


Zaheer Minhas

I am fancy pigeon breeder from Pakistan. I have breeds like English Fantails, Indian Fantails, Frillback, Jackobins, Different breeds of pouters and King pigeons. I have some 70 breeding pairs of the above mentioned breeds.U have very nice web site with very good information. You may also visit my web site. Hope to hear from u.


Rick Mee

By far the best web site I have seen on the net, thanks for inviting me to check it out.



R Pavan Kumar

Thanx for your reply to mail of Feb 16, 2009. One of my birds - Homer, 75 days old, has not been eating properly for the last 20 days and she vomits whatever little that she consumes. She has become very weak and not even able to go to her coup. Since then no growth noticed. I tried to consult Vet Doctors, but here in Bangalore, Vet Doctors mainly treat only dogs and cattle. Please help me to help her regain good health. Thank you.

I honestly don't know what to advise you. The loss of appetite and vomiting could be a symptom for a lot of sicknesses. In cases like these where the sickness is unknown without proper lab testing of the droppings, I give my birds a product called 4 in 1. It treats them for Canker, E-Coli, Paratyphoid and Coccidiosis. I also give them Sulmet 12.5% (Sulfamethazine). Sulfa drug commonly used to treat a wide variety of pigeon diseases caused by bacteria. Sulfamethazine is recommended by vets for treatment of: Cholera, Coccidiosis, Paratyphoid, Sour Crop, kidney infections and some types of colds. A lot of people use a drug called Baytril. I believe this drug is also used for cattle and you should be able find it in your country. The common brand name is Enrofloxacin . It is a powerful drug and repeated use should be discouraged, as it also kills normal bacteria of the bowel. It is useful to treat individual unwell birds where the exact cause is unknown. After the treatment I give my birds probiotic which is used for repopulating the digestive track with millions of essential and natural gut bacteria, wiped out by antibiotics. If I were you, I would also check if the bird has canker, which is a whitish, cheesy form in the throat or other cavity. Check for Sour Crop also if the bird opens his/her mouth as though he/she is yawning repeatedly. For Sour Crop I use baking soda for couple of days, but then I give them probiotics to replace the good gut bacteria killed by baking soda. Please understand I am not a veterinarian or have a medical degree. I am also not very experienced breeder. I am simply stating what I would normally do when I have sick bird where the cause is unknown.

In addition, post your problem to http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/ under “Sick or Injured Pigeon Discussions”. You will get a lot of help from more experienced breeders and veterinarians.

I hope you will be able to save her. Good Luck.


rahul kashyap

Thanku master thanku u dont no u shoutout my biger problem thanku .................... i will touch with u all tmie u give me ur personal email id


Glad I could help. I am not the expert but, if you need more assistants please write to: arifmumtaz@comcast.net Good Luck


Elvis coralic

Hello to all pigeon breeders .. The homepage is made super easy SUPER ..

Mfg Elvis


Rahul Kashyap

thanks for telling but my dear i dont have any information fo pigeon medicien and disies so i tell u plz. you tell me kenker, pmv & more deisie in you use medicien I live in delhi(india)in delhi not any pigeon hospitel & not a docter no any bady tell any medicien so i will tell you u give me information for pigeon care (medicien) i have 100 pigeon (macpai,indian gola and some high flying ) plz you help me & my pigeon

Ok, for canker I use Ronidazole (Ridzole 10%) Tablets. If you can’t find this in your country, go to a pet store where they sell aquarium fish and get a medication for fish fungus. Canker in pigeons is caused by the same organism that creates fungus on fish. For PMV the only thing you can do is vaccinate your birds. Once the pigeon in infected, there is no cure that I know of to save the bird. If you try to vaccinate a bird that has PMV, it will die instantly. It is recommended to vaccinate them every 6 months. For Paratyphoid, E-Coli and bacterial infections such as Haemophilus (a respiratory infection) I use an antibiotic called Amoxicillin. I order my products from http://www.foyspigeonsupplies.com/ and they do ship internationally. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Rahul Kashyap

I see ur site this is very good and u do very well but u not show any medicine plz u give me some medicine name& disease

thank u

Thanks for the complements. The reason I did not mention the names of the medicines is because I don’t like to advertise brand names. There is a variety of medicine out there and every breeder has their choice of medicine that they feel work for them.


Phil Mcquistion

Just visiting.


Thomas Lincoln

Great website. The best I've seen so far.


R Pavan Kumar

I am overwhelmed to visit your website. It's Great! You have provided lots of information. I have not got so much information on any website. May I request you to send me the videos of tumblers and rollers flying and any other interesting videos. I have also started raising pigeons. Thank you.

The only videos I have is posted under the Vidoes link. There are tons of them in You Tube. Good luck with raising pigeons.


Nadir Ali

i like this site too much


Kamran Mahboob

This is one of best site i visit about pigeons. Please convert all these in urdu version so people like me whose english is not quite well understand.

Thanks for the complements. My first language is Turkish and I don’t know how to speak or write Urdu. Sorry...


Jamie Tufanio

Great Site!
Check out my site...


Yashpal Yadav

I see your site and happy to your hard work towords pigeon flying.


Jerry K.

I check your site out and think its great. I am just getting into pigeons, do not have any now but do have a coop ready to go. I have chickens in the lower half and plan to have pigeons in the upper.


Orhan Aksu

Selam ben avusturalya/melbourne de turk taklacisi besliyorum web sayfaniz cok guzel olmus elinize saglik.



Hi, you have a nice site. Really good job!
Respect :)


Hal Personius

I haven't owned pigeons since I was 18 years old. I'm retired now and need something to do.


Saif Meskry

Fristly i would like to say that, your website is really good well done and keep it up. But what really cought my eye was your B.rollers. I am really big fan of rollers, and am starting up.


George Correa

Very well put together WebSite..


Victor M

Great site Arif, I have NY flying flights in Ft Myers, FL and because of the hawks don't fly from Oct to March. Do you know of any stores that buy and sell pigeons in Ft Lauderdale or Miami? Thanks


Annmarie Aiken

Very nice website, nice birds.


Yankee Mikes Lofts

Outstanding site. Beautiful pics and imformation. Thank you for a job well done.


GianPietro Boschiroli

Very nice web site.
Greetings from Italy



Ishan Rehman

Nice site mate, I am from England and I have been trying to purchase a pair or two, of the turkish takla, but no luck is there any way u can help. I will pay shipping costs what ever, thanks.


Rick Rich

Thank you for the site. Looking for frillbacks and fantails that I raised as a kid. Now I have time and space again.


Craig Grafton

Very informative and colorful site. Lots of good information. I fly Oriental Rollers and have hawk problems year round here in Illinois. This is my first year with Serbian Highfliers and have gotten the young kit to fly about 2 and a half hours now. I think that 50 birds is about the right amount to keep with all those different breeds. If you raise too many you are doing a disservice to the birds and yourself. Hope that you have had a good breeding season.


Faris Al-Timimi

A very nice, informative website. Is there any publication that covers all the Turkish Pigeon Breeds?
Best wishes.

Faris Al-Timimi

Thank you. I am not sure about any publications but I highly recommend turkishtumblers.com for more information about the Turkish Tumblers and other Turkish Pigeons.


Muhanna Erhama Alkuwari

Hi Mumtaz,
I think you have good website and you have nice looking pigeon same as i have "takla tumbler". I really like your honesty in advising people about pigeons, keep going on the same way, and thank for your informations.


Mahmoud Hasssan

v.nice website
I like it

Mahmoud Hassan
Egypt - Cairo www.egpigeon.com


Bjorn Barbara

Hi! A very nice site. A lot of information. I love your nice birds. See my birds on


farid F

hi, I realy like ur pigeons an im interested on (mardins) an i dont know how to get in canada like that kind of pigeons thanks





Asaba Owerri

One of the best site's I've been to!!! Great information and Research. A lot of nice birds. Need to cover more breeds and pics. Great site A+++++ Thanks Brandon


jannie van zyl

Amazing coloures. I am from south africa. I am breeding with birmingham rollers for the past 20 years, own bloodline, and own strain and good rollers. Your coloures are fantastic. I would really like to bring that into my line. Is there any chance? good site, well done.

Thanks for the complements. I really don’t know much about importing and exporting pigeons or eggs from other countries to the US and vice versa. I have never done it but I know there are private companies that import and export live poultry. You need to find a company or contact your Department of Agriculture in South Africa to find out how you can import from other countries. If it is possible, I will be glad to share my family of birds with you.


sunny thusi

I had some pigeon in my loft so long, when I fly them some bird never show. I lost many bird like this, what can I do, how do I train my birds please help me out this problem, I live in Toronto Canada, thanx.

Without knowing what kind of pigeons you have, and how you fly them, I don’t know how I can answer your question. If you have a flying kit of birds, it’s very hard to lose birds, unless the bird is new to the loft, it’s a baby in training or it’s “THE HAWK SEASON”!!! If you have birds that have always been kept as breeders and were never let out, you will lose those birds too. Don’t fly your breeding stock, get babies out of them and fly the babies. Everyone has an opinion and a way to train and fly the young birds. It’s all depends on the breed, location and the experience of the breeder. I explain the way I fly my birds in this website under “Baby Pigeons”.


Vinod Menon

woowsome!!! very informative site. neatly done. your great love for these beatiful birds is evident from the way you explain every single detailed info. Keep the good work going. Peace and happiness.


Ed Schack

Great site, really enjoyed it


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Malcolm & Kay Branch

Enjoyed your site. Very Interesting. Visit us at:
http://www.DaisyMaeRanch.com, and see our racing pigeons and other livestock from Champion Sires.


Brandon Roeder

One of the best site's I've been to!!! Great information and Research. A lot of nice birds. Need to cover more breeds and pics. Great site A+++++ Thanks Brandon


John Bower

Wonderful website.
Congratulations on your great way of spreading a positive message about our love - the Pigeon fancy!!



Richard Madsen

Very nice site. Great looking birds. Thanks, Richard



Great site, its helped me with my pigeons. And given me loads of information. THANK YOU


Karen Lawson

Your website is fantastic (Mumtaztic!) I especially appreciate the care and detail you've provided in describing the history and lore of your breeds. I would like to learn more about the stories and superstitions associated with the Iranian Highflyers. Thanks, and your birds are fortunate to have you caring for them.


Silvester Flores

very nice colors.


Rodrigo Washington

This site is cool by far.... the " one stop shop "
Peace CA all Day


Yaw and Mog

“Have you heard of that fable, Yaw, written by that famous Greek, Aesop? Well anyway, I shall tell you about it. There was a hungry hawk that chased after a flock of pigeons, but no matter how fast he went after them, they always managed to scurry to safety.

“So one day the hawk decided to use deception. From a nearby tree he told them, ‘Because you live a life of constant fear, if you make me your king, I will keep you safe from any aggression.’

“The foolish pigeons believed the hawk. They made him their king as they thought that he was interested in their welfare. Once on the throne he issued a proclamation. From that day forward, he ordered that a pigeon be prepared every evening for his dinner.

“Do you know the moral of that story, Yaw?”

“Common men who vote an incompetent to power deserve their fate,” Abayaw replied.


Christopher Robinson

ps no1 roller man 2007.


Jerry Anderson

Very informative pigeon breeder website. It’s the biggest state by state pigeon breeder’s directory. Your pigeon breeders list helped me find a lot of pigeon breeders in the United States. I like reading the pigeon articles as well. Keep up the good work. This is one of the best pigeon sites I have seen in long time.


Szabolcs Kürtösi

Tisztelt Tenyésztő!
Gratulálok a weboldalhoz és a szép galamb állományához!!! Tenyésztési munkájához és az oldal szerkesztéséhez jó egészséget kívánok!

Congratulations on your website and wonderful pigeons! All the best 2008. I'm Frenc Mondain breeder from Hungary.

My site: http://mondain.gyorsnet.com

Baráti üdvözlettel: Szabolcs Kürtösi


Sedat Yardimci

Slm Arif kardesim
Ben Kanadadan Sedat, siteni cok beyendim, hayirli olsun.
Bendede bir suru degisik damar takla var. Ayrica bu Bizim orda Musul denilen sari kafa / gogus kisa gaga irakli miski ve sabunilerdende var. 3 senedir aradigimiz performansi tuturmaya calisiyoruz Erol abimle, bakalim kismetse artik oturtuk gibi birsey bu bahara gorucez. Malum Kanadada sezonumuz kisa soguk ve atmaca erken geliyor. Kismet olursa siteye resim ve videoda koyucaz.
Paylastigin bilgiler icin cok sagol


Hasan Murat Ozel

Very impressive site. Also nice looking taklas and information for amateur fanciers. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need birds. Talk to you soon.


Kenny Hartman - Velo99

Wow nice stuff you have there bro. I fly Birmingham Rollers too. What line(s) do you have? My site is :



PS I was in Turkey in the early 80`s in the military. Adana/Incirlik were the closest towns.


Ahmad Khan

thanx for da help today is da 23rd day n when i went to check on birds i saw da mother sitting on da eggs n i saw dat one of da eggs was hatched n it was under da mother n i think da other one will hatch tomoro tahnx again tc bye

I am happy to hear that. Good luck.


Ahmad Khan

hi ur site is very usfull especially bout da training young birds. i want to ask a question about my bird its been nearly 20-21 or 22 days since my birds layed 2 eggs n it still hasent hatched i m worried n want to ask u if it will hatch or not i had a look at the egg the other day i could see the shape of the baby bird in the egg n da parents are still taking turn sitting on the egg but i am not sure if it will hatch thanx n also the weather is very cold so i tought maybe it will take longer for them to hatch in cold weather if u could help me with dis plz tanx

In Florida, where I live, it takes 18 to 19 days for eggs to hatch. In cold weather, it can take up to 21 to 22 days. I would wait couple of more days if I were you. However, sometimes even if the egg looks like it’s fertile it may not hatch. Sometimes the babies die or sometimes they are not strong enough to hatch. If you are accurate about the days, I would wait couple more days. I hope they hatch…


Canary Princes

Beautiful Web. Wonderful bird pics. Great Job. CONGRATULATIONS.

Canary Princes Loft.


MgBada Joe

I love this page. Keep up the good work.


Masood Mazr

One of the best pigeon sites I have ever see ,in this occasion I would like to ask you how possible to send eggs to some one abroad because I am seeking to do so if possible.

Thanks for the complements. I really don’t know much about importing pigeons or eggs from other countries to US. I know they have to be imported and kept in quarantine for a while. It is not an easy or a cheap process to bring them to US. Here is the link I found from the United States Department of Agriculture, which explains importing live poultry procedures from all countries to the United States:



Lucas Beaulieu

Sweet pigeons


Rodney Heath

I am from Australia and have started breeding Turkish Tumblers by chance. My first bird a pure white took up residence on my air conditioner at the front of my shop. After 2 years there I had 3 more birds fly in and he eventually mated with one of them and I have bred 5 birds since (2 died at maturaty for no apparent reason) 2 of the birds I finished feeding by hand and fly to my shoulder when I go out the back.


Kamileen Khan

i saw your pigeons. i m very happy. and enjoy . realy you have very beauti full pigeons. plz visit.my web site. www.bmkspigeons.mysite.com yours in sports. kamileen khan.


Kurt Gürsu

Hi Arif, Just noticed the link to your site on the pigeon talk forum. You have done a nice job with the site. Also very nice looking taklas you put together. How did you do this season? Were you able to train any young birds?

Thanks for writing. I am very happy with my taklas. They produced some good offspring, and they have been training well. I have lost a lot to the hawks but, that’s part of the game. I try to fly them everyday and really enjoying this great hobby. Now, that I got the performance I was looking for, I will now work on making certain colors and crests.


Pha Thao

Great website!! I really like your birds:)


Joe Polidoro

Very very nice Website!!! I just made one too!! Come visit! http://www.brookdalelofts.com


Hector Coya

I like your website. I noticed a crested bird on your front page. I am one of the few that are breeding crested rollers, these were given to me by a few diferent breeders that hapen to pop up in their lofts, they are not crossed as far as I know, these birds tend to be deep, I'm still trying to cut down the roll, im getting too many rolldows but I have got some real nice 30 ft fast rollers.
You can check out my web site if you want.
Thanks, Hector Coya


Chetan Swarup

Great pigeons and bundle of information for amateur fanciers like me. Keep updating more info, as I felt nice going thru ur site.


Yasar & Jodi Berkil

Thanks again Arif,
You are truly a wealth of information. We appreciate all the help that you gave us and I am sure that we will meet again. We are so happy with our birds, they are already members of our family...


James Clarke

Love the fancy pigeons but don’t keep them. I keep mostly whites and a couple of pure black. Looking for yellows but very expensive here in Ireland. Caught in a high flyer in during the summer so must get a mate for him seen your birds on you tube and look great site you have here. Bye for now regards from Ireland.


Ugur Alex Buyukolmez

Merhaba Arif,
tekrar baslamis oldugun kusculuk hobisinde yeni kuslarinla sana basarilar dilerim.


Karrar Aldhalimi

Your birds are looking good and your web site looks better. When are you going to add more pictures im enjoying your birds the more pictures the better. Keep up the good work and keep breeding them talk to you soon


Joseph Fernandes

Very beautiful birds, particularly the Iranian white with black tail. I have just started keeping pigeons in Toronto. I have some Iranians, Tipplers and Serbians. When is the atmosphere free and safe from hawks for flying pigeons in the North. I already lost too young ones in the last 3 weeks.


Amjad Javed

I'm so excited to getting tumblers from you on upcomming week. I can't describe in words. Thanks


Jim Yang

You have some of the best rollers in color I've seen. Very pretty and beautiful. And very nice page.


John Higbee

What an impressive site. You have really done a great job. The turkish tumblers would be fun bird to fly. A breed I will definetly have to try.


Stanley Yarker

I really enjoyed your pages on your pigeons even the photos of them are very good I am from Middlesbrough in England


Dersimli Sidar

Selam arkadasim ingilizce bilmiyorum ama güzel bi site elerine saglik bende bir site yaptim ziyaret edib fikir belirtirsen sevinirim isvicreden selamlar Sidar. http://www.spieltauben.ch


Ken West

This is a beautiful site. Lots of pictures. Thanks
Houston Tx.


Mark Dutton (dutz)

Hi everone,
ive just got back into pigeons after a few years. I am setting up a loft in manchester england with mainly rollers.
please email me if anyone wants to chat.


Jeff Matt

Nice looking birds. Excellent website. Your advice about eggs that don’t hatch is correct. Canker can be cured with "ronidazole" can be purchased at Foy's pigeon supplies or purchased at a fish tropical fish store for fungus on fish. Hope this might help.


Bill Gantic

Very nice site you have on the Takla, I had a type from Iraq. They are fun to fly. Thank you for visiting my website about Adana Dewlaps and the nice comment about my birds.


Karrar Aldhalimi

You got very good birds I used to breed Turkish tumblers here in Detroit but my cage got broken into and all my birds where gone I was very sad I would like to start again with your help please email me at karraraldhalimi@yahoo.com you would be a big help thank you 3134438952


Mark Anthony

Hey buddy, nice selection of pigeons. I breed pigeons also. I used to have birmingham rollers in New York and New York flying flights. I live in Florida now, and raise a few different breeds. I have New York flying tipplers, New York flying baldies, flying helmets, racing homers and, new york flying flights. I see that you have a flying flight(almond bald head)actually, that flight is crossed with something else. Looks to me like a cross between a capuchine and maybe a flying flight or some kind of baldhead. Nevertheless, its still a pretty bird. If you have the time, take a look at my website at:
and enjoy the pictures. You can leave me a comment to let me know what you think. My email is flights64@yahoo.com you will see some real good pictures of my New York flying flights and other pigeons as well. hope you will enjoy.............markanthony


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