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The following pigeon breeders directory is designed to help breeders in the United States to find other breeders and their breeds. Please note that this is not a classified section, and the breeders may or may not have pigeons for sale. If you like your information to be listed here, please fill out the breeder Form. If you like to update your information, please do not submit again, simply email me the new information.
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115  Breeders Found

Breeder City State Phone Breed Web Mail
Al Walker Honey Grove TX 903-815-8255 West of England Tumblers and Mookee  
Armando Rodriguez Granbury TX 817-823-4547 Racing Pigeons  
Barry Wilson Round Rock TX 512-716-1022 Muffed Chinese Owls, Old style saddle tumblers, Ruby Rollers Strassers, Mindians, Spots and Voorberg Croppers  
Bill Schultz West Tawakoni TX Indian fantails, Fantasies, doves  
BL Robertson Fort Hancock TX 575-639-2448 WTD Red Saddle std Fantails, White Kings, Flying Black Tails  
Bobby Muchhala Laredo TX 956-489-6006 Indian/Pakistani Heiflyers & Rollers  
Bobby Webel Victoria 77904 TX 979-616-0796 Birmingham Rollers  
Brandon Brulloths Corpus Christi TX 361-446-0260 homers/racing homers  
Brenden Webb Mineral wells TX 940-452-5282 Homers, Frill backs, Performing Rollers, Oriental Frils, Wild pigeons  
Brian Parchmont Nederland TX 409-724-7317 Giant homers Capuchins Mookies  
Carter Oliver Groesbeck TX 254-749-9793 White Homing Pigeons  
Cathryn ONeal Weatherford TX 682-262-4209 White Jansan and Jansan/Delbar mix homing pigeons  
Cesar Gutierrez Humble TX 832-888-0258 Gutierrez Loft  
Charles Hanna Amarillo TX 806-373-1886 Reversewing Pouters, Old German Croppers, Frillbacks  
Charles Johnson Hooks TX 903-547-2914 Rollers
Charles Williams Manchaca TX 512-217-4886 Fantails, Indian Fantails  
Christopher Franklin Belton TX 254-493-1267 Carneau reds & yellows  
Curtis Holans Bandera TX 830-796-4047 Rollers, White Homers  
Dan Arellano el paso TX 915-309-2896 English Carrier, Budapest  
Daniel Arellano El Paso TX 915-309-2896 Budapest, american fantails, brunner pouters white homers  
Daniel Arellano El Paso TX 915-309-2896 Nuns, shieldmark frillbacks, and American fantails  
Daniel Cardenas Arlington TX 817-705-1707 Birmingham Rollers, Homers, Parlor Rollers & Spanish Pouters.  
Daniel Rios Kingsville TX Homers  
Daniel Segura Justin TX Rollers, German Owls, Homers  
Darrell Selke Waco TX 254-855-6926 Birmingham Rollers  
Dave Diehl Granbury TX 817-579-0038 Indian Fantails  
David Black Sherman TX Homers, Rollers, Frills, Giant Homers, Jacobins, Doneks  
David Britton Shallowater TX English trumpeters, jacobins, west of england tumblers  
David Malloy Kyle TX 512-268-4869 Quality Racing Homers
David Santiago Rosharon TX 917-369-0979 NYC Tipplers /Vieshian Blacks / Isabella Homers  
Denise Crisp Helotes TX 210-862-0402 Diamond Doves, Cape Doves  
Devin Wilkin Fort Worth TX 785-691-8588 Modenas NMC  
Dinah Allshouse Hutto TX 512-516-4864 Frillbacks and Indian Fantails  
Don Stueber Roanoke TX 817-431-2677 Chinese Owls  
Donald Boyd Stafford TX 281-980-1619 Show Kings  
Eduardo Cervantes ElPaso TX 915-253-2106 Jacobins,Archangels, WhiteHomers, Rollers & Fantails  
Ellie Meyer Florence TX Frillbacks (standard and non-standard colors) & white Olde-style English Garden Fantails
Eric Stephens Frisco TX 214-923-5534  
Floyd Starkey Ralls TX Arcangles, Classic Old Frills & Portugese Tumblers  
Frank M. Morgan Mathis TX West of England Tumblers, Performing Rollers - Pensom Strain  
Fred Green Longview TX 903-235-3500 White Mexican Janssen Racers, Champion Bloodline White Racers, White Proven Breeder and babies  
Fred Green Longview TX 903-663-8884 White Mexican Janssen Homing Pigeons  
Gary Wiltrout Plano TX Show Racing Homers, American Show Racers, American Rollers
Gonzalo Banuelos Georgetown TX Racing Homers, Rollers
Gregory A Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Show kings, Moderns, Mondays, and homersna  
Gregory Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Show kings, Modenas, Mondians ,homers,and texan pioneer
Gregory Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Kings, Modenas, Mondians  
Gregory Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Modeans, Show Kings,French Mondains, Homers  
Hamid Sohrabi Beaumont TX Racing Homers, Yellow Homers, White Hansenes, Black Eagle, Sions  
Hassan Zahid Sugar Land TX 832-858-4294 Indian Fantails, American Fantasy, Arch Angels, Satinettes  
Isaack Wiebe Seminole TX 806-632-4197 Indain Fantials, Lahores  
J Hewing San Antonio TX 407-745-7676 Birmingham Rollers  
Jay Azami Allen TX 214-418-8507 Iranian & Afghani Pigeons  
Jerry Kinder Weatherford TX 817-732-2840 Frillback, Portugursr Tumblers  
Jerry Soignier Magnolia TX 281-356-1806 Quality Modenas In Many Colors
Jimmy Rutledge Como TX 903-348-2674 Racing pigeons, Staff Van Reet, Janssen, Van Loon, Hofken  
Joes Dunek Rock wall TX 469-583-2413 Macedonian Dunek  
John Fowler Houston TX Ringneck Doves in 30 + Colors in Crested, Tufted, and Silky.  
John H. DePew III Holland TX 254-527-4593 Racing Pigeons  
John Head Dayton TX 713-408-1693 Red Texan Pioneers, Utility Kings, White Homers  
John Kelly Bullard TX Birmingham Rollers, American Rollers  
John Maziasz alamo TX Classic Old Frills, Magpies, Geman Beauty Homers, Chinese Owls  
Johnnie Williams Amarillo TX 806-367-1664 Birmingham Rollers/Turner/Mehdi Arzaghi-Pensom  
Josh Prator Sanger TX 940-231-9063 Chinese nasal tufts, Tung koon paaks, Polish barbs, Italian owls and Arabian trumpeters
Kamlesh Singh Sugar Land TX 281-771-9999 Indian Fantail  
Ken McCoy San Saba TX 325-628-3259 Indian Fantails
Ken McCoy San Saba TX 325-628-3259 Indian Fantails and Frillbacks  
Kenny Hartman Amarillo TX Birminghams Rollers
Kenny Libick Crowley TX 682-224-4647 Birmingham Rollers  
Kevin McIntosh Cleveland TX 713-502-3860 Texan Pioneer, Utility King, Swiss Mondaine, White Indian Fantails, and White Homing Pigeons  
Larry Narcisse Round Rock TX 512-388-4641 Utility Red Kings and Hyacinth Pigeons
Larry Reneau Winnsboro TX 903-342-0681 Fireball Rollers  
Larry Reneau Vinnsboro TX 903-342-6819 Fireball Rollers  
Leo Garza Orange Grove TX 361-384-2637 Racing pigeons & white homers  
Louis Rodriguez Leming TX 830-281-4849 Gabriels - Rare Breed Pigeons    
Mallary Goldman Alvarado TX 214-896-2356 Utility Kings  
Mark Wersig Nederland TX Komoner piegons Old german owls oriental frills  
Matt Rivera Groves TX 409-960-6866 Mookies, American Fantails, Saddleback Racing Homers  
Michael Baldwin Crowley TX 817-297-0991 Performing Rollers, Racing Homers  
Michael Kolodziej Jarrell TX 847-917-7463 Portuguese Tumblers,& Giant Runts
Michael Mcelroy Tyler TX 903-372-6071 American Fantail  
Michael Warchesik brenham TX 979-530-7101 French Mondains  
Michael Warchesik Brenham TX 979-530-7101 Roller Texan Pinoneer Reccessive Reds  
Mike Hatton Cedar Lane TX 979-241-2257 French Mondains, Show Kings, Voorburgs Croppers, Brunner Pouters, American Fantails, Indain Fantails, Racing Homers  
Mike Kolodziej Jarrell TX 847-917-7463 Portuguese Tumblers, Giant Runts, Giant Hungarian House Pigeons, Mindian
Minh Vo Houston TX 713-382-6683 Iranian and Serbian  
MK. Rahman Khan Houston TX 832-788-7488 Indian, Pakistani, Serbian and Iranian High Flier Pigeons  
Nick Vlasek Hunt TX 830-238-3202 Auto-Sex Texan Pioneers  
Nick Vlasek Hunt TX 830-238-3202 Auto Sex. Texan. Pioneers  
Nick Vlasek Hunt TX 830-329-6625 AutoSexing Texan Pioneer  
Parvez M.Malim TYLER TX Indian Fantail Pigeons  
Patricia Clark Houston (Tomball) TX 281-635-6891 Doves  
Peggy Taylor Huntington TX 936-707-3766 Frillback  
Peter Sun Houston TX 832-308-9177 Frills, American Fantails, Jacobins, African Owls, Figuritas,  
Rahman Khan Houston TX 832-284-8066 Indian High Flyers, Iranian High Flyers, Surbian High Flyers
Ramon Florez Falfurrias TX 361-389-8806 Old Dutch Capuchines,Homing pigeons,white pigeons  
Raymond sheffield Ingleside TX 361-523-8107 Racing Homers  
Rehan Shah Frisco TX Jacobins, Tipplers, Iranian Highflyers  
Reynier Arteaga Houston TX 832-707-0121 Cuban Pouter, Spanish pouter  
Rick Mee Copperas Cove TX 254-542-4524 Birmingham Rollers, Homers, Arabian Trumpeters
Roland Ouellette Sherman TX Modenas, Amer. Show Racers, West of Eng. Tumblers, Racing Homers  
Romeo Hernandez Palmhurst TX 956-605-7523 Iranian High Fliers, Spanish Thief Pouters, Rollers
Roy Murillo El Paso TX 915-240-0116 Racing pigeons/ rollers / common pigeons  
Rudy payen Odessa TX Birmingham Rollers  
Shahrokh Habib Houston TX Iranian & Serbian Highflyers  
Shannon Hiatt Canutillo TX 915-877-3086 Moroncelo & Morrillero Spanish thief pouters (STPs); Cruzado STPs; Almond & Barless Racing Homers -- no shipping.  
Sherry Horelka Victoria TX 361-331-2032 Frillback/Fantail  
Stephanie Langford Lubbock TX 806-781-1742 Birmingham Rollers  
Tom Stiefel Alvin TX 281-331-3216 West of England Tumblers, Komoner Tumblers, Fantails  
Vasu Rao Campbellton TX 210-629-8417 Birmingham Rollers, Iranian High Flayer s, Portuguese Tumblers, Tiplers, Doneks, Racing Homers, Indian Fantails, English Fantails.  
Virginia Cox Fairfield TX Flying Performing Roller  
William K Kunde Round Rock TX 512-914-1640 Indian Fantails  
Zafer Sorguc Houston TX 918-812-1953 Turkish Tumbler
Zekai Akyuz Houston TX 832-516-1186 Turkish Tumblers  
Zoilo Lamtecson Corpus Christi TX 361-452-3238 White Racing Pigeons


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